AISHK Sport & ECA Enrolment for Term 1, 2022

As we begin our year with some delightful weather, and plenty of hope, 2022 still looks to be throwing in a few curve balls. As restrictions are again implemented on schools, we remain optimistic about providing our students with a quality and wide ranging Sport & ECA program when the time is right. We believe it is vital for the wellbeing of our students to be active and socially engaged in safe environments such as our Sport & ECA activities, so we will be doing our best to provide this come 7th February, 2022. However, if schools are to remain online after Chinese New Year, the starting date of our program will be delayed and we will inform the community in due course.

With a few families unsure about registrations for sport and ECA due to the restrictions, we have decided to leave the SchoolsBuddy enrolment open until we have more information on return to face to face schooling at the end of next week, Friday 28th January. Please feel free to continue browsing our wide range of activities and enrol in sport and activities that interest your children. A reminder that it is a daily preference system and not first in, first served.

If the commencement of activities is delayed, you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that activity charges will be adjusted accordingly to the number of weeks of actual activity.

If you have any questions, please email .

Tim Tait | Director of Sports & Activities