Year 6 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 8

What a wonderful finale it was to an amazing year with our Year 6 Graduation celebrations yesterday. We are so incredibly proud of our fabulous Year 6 students and I’m sure those of you fortunate enough to be in attendance at the Graduation Assembly will long remember this very special occasion. The video presentations and stories shared provided a snapshot of memories and accomplishments that the students now take with them on the next stage of their educational journey into Secondary. After the assembly, the students were able to enjoy the company of their friends for a barbecue and party on the Green Roof. We thank them for all their great work this year and wish them well. Well done Year 6!

So much has happened since our last update that it is difficult to know where to begin. Nevertheless, it would be remiss of us not to make note of the many wonderful learning opportunities that have come the way of the students over recent weeks. 

Australian Stories

We were thrilled to open up the Year 6 classrooms to the broader AISHK community for our Australian Stories Exhibition on Friday, 26 November. The parents, students and staff who were able to attend the event were left in awe, not only at the quality of the various exhibits but also at the way in which the students so proudly and eloquently walked each of the visitors through their displays. The buzz of excitement in classrooms in the days leading up to the event did indeed materialise into a superb array of amazing and inspiring real-life stories that the students are sure to remember for the rest of their lives.

Year 6 to Year 7 Transition Day

On Wednesday, 24 November, the students were involved in the Year 6 to Year 7 Transition Day. Over the course of the day, they were able to get an initial feel for life in Secondary and how this differs to what they have become accustomed to in Primary. Possibly the most significant change comes with the number of specialist teachers each student has in Year 7. While the majority of their time in Primary has been spent with the class teacher in the one classroom, they discovered that, in Secondary, they will have multiple teachers and move to a range of different classrooms, laboratories and workshops throughout a typical school day. This will inevitably lead to a period of adjustment in Year 7, but we know our Year 6 students are well-equipped to tackle the challenges that will come their way next year. It’s an exciting time in their lives and they will have wise, kind and understanding teachers accompanying them on the next stage of their educational journeys. 


Many of the tasks connected to our Australian Stories work have allowed the students to demonstrate their proficiency with different text types and build on the skills acquired over the course of the year. Over the remaining days of the year, the focus will be on the literary aspects of our work in History on Federation and the formation of The Australian Constitution. The students will have the opportunity to extend their vocabulary and read of the events that led to these significant moments in Australia’s history.


Over the remaining days of the term, the students will be completing their ‘Fantasy Flight’ investigations. In planning a travel itinerary, they have used their knowledge of international time zones, timetables and latitude and longitude. They have arranged accommodation and meals, excursions to local attractions and landmarks and have calculated daily expenses and the total cost of the proposed trip. We have been amazed at the many exotic locations the students have chosen for their investigations.

In the final investigation for the year, the students will be examining the mathematics involved in the ancient art of origami. In particular, they will learn about the concepts of translation, transformation, rotation and reflection.


In our recent Science lessons, we have been examining the transfer and transformation of electricity via electrical circuits. The students are developing their understanding of the ways in which energy flows through systems. They are also exploring how different objects act as either conductors or insulators and have been testing their predictions by completing simple experiments with electrical circuits.

Semester Two Reports

Advice on access to your child’s Semester Two Report was forwarded via the Primary Office earlier this week. The report can be accessed through the AISHK Parent Lounge.  Additional advice was provided about the integration of your child’s Learning Journey into Seesaw.

Please contact your child’s class teacher if you have any difficulty accessing your child’s report data.

Please note that the last day of the school year is next Wednesday, 8 December. On this day, the students are able to wear neat casual clothing with a ‘crazy socks’ theme. A donation of $20 can be made in the homeroom class with funds raised going to the SoCO Charity, an organisation which provides assistance to underprivileged people in Hong Kong. Students may also choose to wear a Christmas jumper, if appropriate, but this is purely optional.

The year will conclude with an assembly on Wednesday, 8 December with Primary students to be dismissed by 12 noon.

Finally, we wish all of our Year 6 families good health and happiness over the upcoming break. To those students leaving AISHK, we bid a fond farewell, thank them for their contributions to the life of the school and wish them every success in the years ahead.

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