Year 4 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 8

We knew we had an incredibly talented cohort of students in our year level, but what we didn’t realise was the magnitude of their rock stardom! To say we were impressed by their performances in Battle of the Bands is an understatement. We were blown away! The collaboration, courage and musical prowess demonstrated by all students epitomises the growth we’ve been privileged to witness this year. Additionally, it was wonderful to see parents and siblings enjoy these performances. While we are approaching the end of the school year and have concluded our swimming program, we are still busy utilising valuable learning time. This is what we’ve been learning about in recent weeks:


Fairy tales have remained the focus of our English lessons as we build upon students’ understanding of cultural and historical clues. In addition to this, we’ve unpacked the structure of popular fairy tales and discussed some of the changes we’d make. We’ve taken a different approach to also include some fractured fairy tales, and Christmas themed fairy tales, allowing students to get creative and collaborate to craft some very entertaining writing.

How can you support this at home?

  • Discuss a modern fairy tale you may have watched or read. What is the complication in the fairy tale? How was it resolved? If you were to rewrite that fairy tale, what would you change?
  • Read a Christmas, holiday-themed, or fractured fairy tale from a different perspective.
  • Watch a fractured fairy tale on YouTube. Here’s an example: The TRUE Story of the 3 Little Pigs


Did someone say let’s have bubble tea, macaroons and T-bone steak for breakfast!? “Yes” might be the response from some Year 4 students! We’ve had so much fun with our current topic, Money. Students have enjoyed reading through Woolworths catalogues and planning feasts…with a budget of course. Then students have calculated how much money they have remaining in their budget (the difference), or, in some cases, how much they’ve gone over budget. We’ve also used toy catalogues to continue to build addition and subtraction skills, along with thinking about which notes, and coins would be best to use.

 How can you support this at home? 

  • Encourage your child to go with you to the shop or market and ask them to check the amount of change given.
  • Discuss the differences and similarities between the Australian and Hong Kong currencies.
  • Pose the question: Do all currencies have the same value?


We are concluding our unit on Sustaining Environments by analysing the rainfall data we plotted on our comparative bar graph. Students explored the parts of a graph including the y and x-axis, the title and the scale on a graph. We discussed what the information tells us about the biomes in those areas and the locations on a world map. We’ve also continued to look at the challenges faced by the biomes we’ve researched and develop possible solutions.

How can you support this at home? 

  • Ask your child about the challenge that their biome faces and discuss their ideas for a solution.
  • Ask your child about the two city’s rainfall data they compared.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and encouragement throughout this remarkable, positive and fulfilling school year. How lucky we are to have experienced most of it in-person, on-campus. It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside you to support this fantastic group of children! Have a safe and restful break and we look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Kind regards,

Year 4 Team

Important Dates 

Monday 6 December – Year 4 Christmas party on the green roof (snacks and games will be provided by the Year 4 team)

Monday 6 December – Transition Day – 1:15-2:15pm

Wednesday 8 December – School Mufti Day: Crazy socks and Xmas jumpers

Wednesday 8 December – Primary School Students dismissed at 12:00 noon

Wednesday 19 January 2022 – First day of 2022 school year