Year 8 Newsletter | End of 2021 Report

For Year 8 students, 2021has been a year of defining moments; some deeply challenging, some exciting and other more formative. While each individual student has been on their own unique journey this year, as a group their experience has been characterised by kindness, pragmatism and collective growth. Through it all, our Year 8 students banded together and truly embodied our school motto in their efforts to ‘connect, strive, flourish’.

Many Year 8 students enjoyed the return to relative normalcy this year, thriving in the classroom environment and benefiting from strong interpersonal relationships with their teachers. Our daily homerooms and regular pastoral care periods have been a great opportunity for students to bond not only with each other, but to also build strong relationships with their pastoral tutors who are there to support and guide them through the secondary school journey. Our pastoral care program was designed as an extension of the AISHK values star, giving students the opportunity to consider excellence, integrity, creativity, trust, responsibility and most importantly, the great value of collaboration. This has enabled students to feel confident in managing adversity and taking control of their own of their own academic and personal development.

Beyond the classroom, students have enjoyed throwing themselves into the many cultural events offered at AISHK. It was a pleasure to see so many Year 8 students actively participating in the first ever AISHK Shakespeare Festival with two of our groups awarded prizes.

Year 8 Camp was another highpoint this year with students relishing the opportunity to engage in a range of water-centric activities along the beautiful Hong Kong coastline. It was a pleasure for all staff involved to observe our students stepping beyond their comfort zones and extending their social horizons.

We sadly farewell several Year 8 students at the conclusion of this year, but we have no doubt that with the wonders of modern technology, all departing students will remain connected to their friends here at AISHK. We hope our school will always feel like ‘home’ even as they move on somewhere else.

As the year draws to a close, it is imperative to thank the many wonderful staff who have supported our Year 8 students this year. To Mr Chin, Mr Freer, Ms Roberts and Mr White – thank you for all the wonderful support you provide to our Year 8 students. Your patience, wisdom and enthusiasm are virtues to behold and great appreciated by all.

I will not be continuing as Head of Year in 2022 as I am moving into a curriculum focused role, but I have very much enjoyed working with this wonderful group of students through Year 7 in 2020 and Year 8 in 2021. I know they will be in very good hands with Mr Marc Allante who will be the new Head of Year 9 and I wish him every success in his new role. I’ll be watching from afar of course and I can’t wait to observe all the wonderous things that await this dynamic year group.

Jo Craig | Head of Year 8, 2021