Year 12 Newsletter | End of 2021 Report

2021 is almost at an end. Although every Year 12 cohort must navigate their way through challenges in their final year of school, our 2021 cohort encountered some unprecedented obstacles. Our wonderful senior students experienced ups and downs that will not be forgotten. As we reflect on the year that was, we are reminded of the remarkable heights they reached at AISHK, both inside and outside the classroom.

After an initial period of remote learning at the start of 2021, Year 12 students were welcomed back on campus for a blended program of online and face-to-face classes. The students soaked up every opportunity to connect and support one another through this stage of their learning journey and emerged with particularly impressive personal skills and academic records.

In April, the students embarked on a program of activities designed to challenge, motivate and inspire them physically, mentally and socially during the Year 12 Activity Day. Through their engagement in icebreakers, team challenges, canyoning and coasteering across Clearwater Bay, students were moved beyond their comfort zone to collaborate and bond with their peers outside the classroom environment. Needless to say, this experience provided wonderful, lasting memories; ziplining across the white foam of the Hong Kong coastline is surely an adrenaline buzz that will be savoured for many years to come.

As their senior year drew to a close, we farewelled our students from AISHK with great pride and a little sadness during our Valedictory events. Students graduated having spent one year, two years or, in many cases, as long as 14 years learning and growing, both inside and outside the classroom, at AISHK. Emotions ran high as we acknowledged the incredible range of talents, interests and achievements across the cohort.

On behalf of AISHK staff and students, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish our Year 12 2021 cohort a final, fond farewell. Thanks to the experiences and the opportunities extended to our students at AISHK, The Class of 2021 already stand out among their peers in the wider world. My hope is that, from this point on, they continue to stand out and aim high, just as they have in their time at school.

Aileen O’Donnell | Head of Year 12, 2021