Year 11 Newsletter | End of 2021 Report

When the 2021 academic year dawned, there was a hope that we would be able to have a ‘normal’ start to the year. Alas, that was not to be. School resumed in late January with a mix of online and face to face lessons. This made the transition to senior school quite difficult for all Year 11 students, but particularly for those who were new to AISHK (at the writing of this, we had more than 20 new students in Year 11 this year!). Despite the difficulties, I can proudly say that every single student has made a good fist of their first year of the IB or HSC.

The year has seen us do activities that were designed around building connections with each other, including ‘speed chatting’ sessions, shared lunch after a walk around The Peak and coasteering at Clear Water Bay. The students enjoyed these events and have built new, and strengthening old, friendships.

Another major part for the Year 11 cohort was the careers interview process after their examinations. These interviews are designed to start, or continue, the conversation about their post school plans. Some students have already identified their pathway to their chosen career, while others really don’t know which way they will head. The main thing for all is that they keep their options open and do the best they can in their studies.

Speaking of studies, the Preliminary course of the HSC and the first year of the IB has been a steep learning curve for many of the students. They have entered into the final years of their secondary schooling with determination, resilience and enthusiasm. It has been wonderful to see the comradery of the students, helping each other out with the various questions and problems they have encountered in the various subjects.

As they head into their graduating year, I know that all the students are looking forward to being able to use the Year 12 Common Room, where hopefully the bonds that have already been forged become stronger.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Year 11 Home Room team of Mr Arjuna Stoevelaar, Ms Xu Wei, Mr Marc Allante and Mr Ben Foreman for the care, guidance and support they have given the Year 11 students throughout the 2021 school year.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy festive season and see you in 2022!!

Anthony Murphy | Head of Year 11, 2021