Design & Technology Class of ‘22 Faces the Dragons

On Friday the 12th November, AISHK saw the return of Dragon’s Den. This is the 6th Dragon’s Den, and by far the biggest! 18 Design & Technology Class of ‘22 students presented their product concepts to a panel of “Dragons” from relevant industries: design, manufacturing, media, business, journalism, and higher education. Dragon’s Den  is modelled after the British TV show Dragon’s Den and its Australian counterpart, Shark Tank. It is not easy at any age to present to a professional panel and an audience — and students had the added pressure of having to show a deep understanding of their identified design problem and stakeholders within 5 minutes. This is User Centred Design: user – task – environment.

This early critique is at a crucial time in students’ project development. The Major Design Project counts as a very large portion of students’ final Year 12 HSC or IB marks, and this is just the start of their year-long design journey. The feedback is very meaningful for the students; it gives their ideas validity and the project authenticity. It is essential that they consider feasibility, viability, and desirability of their product solution at this early stage. Students will now sit their first Year 12 assessment with confidence, as the difficult part was presenting to a panel of strangers! If the Dragons validate your idea and development, you’re good to go!

Students take a business-minded approach to their projects; this is part of both HSC and IB curriculums and students must conduct appropriate market research and prove a genuine need for their design solution.​​ Students will also have to consider marketing opportunities, scaling manufacturing, as well as relevant legal and regulatory issues. AISHK’s students are encouraged to also engage with Life Cycle Analysis and reach for nuanced sustainability. aims They are challenged to address “greenwashing” and take a holistic approach: environment, economic, and social sustainability.

Students must develop their concept to a high-fidelity prototype (testable quality standard) by August 2022, so feasibility must be considered. A portfolio will also be developed that documents the entire design and development process. Design & Technology Class of ‘22 projects and portfolios will be exhibited in October of 2022.

18 HSC and IB students presented design concepts across a wide variety of areas: urban planning, interior design, sporting and fitness goods, brand identity and marketing, app design, design for disability, inclusive design, e-sports peripherals, music accessories, design to address social and ethical issues… just to name a view. Students are encouraged to investigate areas of interest or passion.

Dragon’s Den has been running at AISHK since 2013. Thank you to all of the Dragons who volunteered this year (and in some cases, multiple years!): Julie Murphy, Adrian Martin, Jen Ng, Kevin Denney, and Mark Gliddon.