Year 10 Robotics

During the last term, Year 10 Information and Software Technology students worked in small teams to develop a robot able to complete the types of tasks robots are often used for, like exploration, manufacturing, domestic work, organisation, and entertainment. Before beginning their designs, students learned to use sensors to gather data and actuators to control movement. They adapted their coding skills from C# (learned in Year 9 for a Unity games development project) to the Lego Mindstorm system’s visual coding system. 

Tasked with engineering both the body and mind of the robot, the teams created very interesting solutions to real-world problems.  Some robots worked to tidy the floor by pushing, grabbing or sweeping rubbish.. while other robots worked to create a bigger mess by dispensing dog treats to Mr Freer’s very confused dogs. One robot could even fold a shirt! Wow! A glimpse into a bright future where animals and robots live together as friends and no one ever has to fold another shirt? We hope so!


Danny Freer| Teacher, ICT & Design