[Deputy Head of Secondary Message] 2022 Prefect Announcement

It is the time of the year where we have that conflict of emotions, the bittersweet nature of one group of students moving on to new adventures, and the excitement of a new group of students coming into their own as student leaders of the school.

Over the past month, Mr West, Mr Phillips, Mr Murphy (Head of Year) and I, have been heavily involved in the prefect selection process. The process included a written application, student/staff votes, staff feedback and candidate interviews. 

There was an incredibly strong field of candidates for this year. We had some wonderful applications; it was joyful to speak to such articulate and passionate young people about issues that concern them. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank all of the students who applied.

This year we have introduced the slightly rebranded portfolios of SRC Leaders, Sustainability and Wellbeing. We hope that these positions, along with the traditional roles, will provide the students with a greater voice and agency in the school.

With great pleasure, I would like to announce the 2022 AISHK Prefect Group:

Portfolio Prefect Class
School Captain Emma Loui 11H
School Captain Luke Briscoe 11W
School Vice-Captain Martin Dy 11J
School Vice-Captain Lorraine Tang 11W
SRC Leader Emily Busby 11J
SRC Leader Oliver Lopez 11J
Waratah House Captain Megan Griffiths 11H
Waratah House Captain George Cheng 11H
Wattle House Captain Ellen Christmas 11W
Wattle House Captain Ian Lu 11W
Jacaranda House Captain India Knowling 11J
Jacaranda House Captain Joshua Jane 11J
Eucalypt House Captain Candice Mitchell 11E
Eucalypt House Captain Maia McGunnigle 11E
Sustainability Karmen Lau 11W
Sustainability Cobie Tsoi 11H
Wellbeing Bridget Ma 11H
Wellbeing Ryan Cheng 11W
Community Service Ella Dong 11E
Community Service Jessica Tse 11W

Congratulations to all of these students; we are excited to watch as they grow and shape as individuals and a collective.

Janine Haymes | Interim Deputy Head Secondary, Head of English and French