[Head of Secondary] Term 4 Week 6 Message

One of the most important feedback channels at AISHK is student voice, and there are many, varied ways that our students can offer their perspectives and ideas to help us improve our operations. This was particularly true as we developed our online learning model over the last two years, with regular student feedback critical to how we refined our approach.

A highly valuable process undertaken recently in Secondary was the annual survey our students complete on their classroom experience, from the strengths of our teachers to the ways students feel we can enhance their learning. This survey is facilitated by the educational consultancy MMG – the same company we partner with for our school parent surveys – and results are benchmarked against the best schools in Australia and the region. Secondary teachers are currently working through their 2021 feedback with Heads of Department, and this is a fantastic opportunity for us to reflect on our teaching practice and set goals and areas for improvement for next year. While it is affirming that the overall satisfaction levels of students with their teachers are high, what impresses me most is the considered and thoughtful way our students offer their feedback. Their comments are always respectful and genuinely constructive, and no matter how long we’ve been teaching, there is much to learn and appreciate from hearing the student perspective.

Student voice is a concept strongly embraced by the International Baccalaureate Organisation, and this week AISHK has been undergoing an evaluation review of our IB Diploma Program (offered in Years 11 and 12). While the review involves interviews with multiple school stakeholders, including teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and Board members, the key people the IB evaluation team strive to engage with are our wonderful students. I am particularly grateful to two of our new prefects – Oliver Lopez and Emma Loui – who on Thursday shared their experiences of learning at AISHK with great passion and candour. Throughout the review, the evaluation team have also had the opportunity to observe learning in action in our classrooms, and our students have represented themselves with impressive poise and maturity.

The confirmation of our new school prefects this week opens a further channel for student voice to be heard and Mr West, Ms Haymes and I are very excited to work with this new group of student leaders over the next twelve months. This begins tomorrow with our prefect training day on campus, and the opportunities for team building and brainstorming ideas for the upcoming year will be relished by all.

With only two-and-a-half weeks left of this hectic term, I wish all our AISHK families the very best for the weekend.





Peter Phillips | Head of Secondary