2021 AGM | 2022 Parent Association Update

Thank you to the 2021 PA Committee
Following the recent AGM, a huge thank you to the outgoing 2021 PA Committee. Your dedication, commitment and service for the benefit of the school community over the past year has been greatly appreciated. 2021 PA Committee members:

President, Joanna Hartnett; VP Secretary, Claire Forsyth; VP Finance, Sharon Ding; VP New Parent Co-ordinators, Kwai-Sim Lee and De-Arna Megaloconomos; VP Events, Pandora Hui and VP Community, Zdravka Newman. Thank you to our dedicated General Committee, Charlotte Luker-Coombs, Banovwe Shakarho, Winnie Leung, Victoria Kemp, Lourdes Chiu, Kitty Wong, Veronica Dy and Shirley Jones.

Thank you to the 2021 Class Representatives for your continued dedication and commitment to connecting the parents of your child’s homerooms and across the school. Your time and support is greatly appreciated!

Reception Rina Shepherd
Simone Buchanan
Preparatory Prep B: Vivian Wong
Prep J: Jacqueline Schrader
Prep P: Natalie Glanville
Prep T: Steven Do
Year 1 1D: Victoria Kemp
1G: Melissa Pepper
1L Heidi Ng
1W Vera Yue
Year 2 2A: Darren Chow
2J: Kyoko Russell
2L: Alisa Milburn
2B Sarah Whiteing
Year 3 3C: Deepa Kothari
3M: Jamie Cook
3H: Alex Harrington
3E: Anna Banh
Year 4 4A: Gayle Kennedy
4B: Natalie Glanville
4S: Recruiting
4P Claire Forsyth
Year 5 5F: Tamie Konstas
5T: Tamie Konstas
5M: Shirley Jones
5W Camille O’Connor
Year 6 6M: Veronica Monaci
6J: Ellen Hobson
6S: Lily Huang
6K Winnie Leung
Year 7 Sharon Ding
Veronica Dy
Jacinta Fernandes
Year 8 Wilsia Wai
Year 9 Catherine Chow
Year 10 Tarryn Maree
Year 11 Juan Tu
Sharon Ding
Veronica Dy
Year 12 Tonya Ward

2021 PA AGM
Thank you to all attendees of the 2021 PA AGM held on 17 November, and to all parents who participated in voting, both in-person and online. Minutes of the AGM will be sent to in-person attendees of the AGM within the next week.

Welcome to The 2022 PA Committee
Following the PA AGM, we announce the 2022 PA committee.

Position: Parent:
President Joanna Hartnett
Secretary Sharon Ding
Vice President – Treasurer Ping Xu
Vice President – Events Pandora Hui
Vice President – New Parent Co-ordinator Sue Sarelius
Vice President – Community (Class Representative Co-ordinator) Ivy Fong

Volunteers for General Committee:
Kwai Lee, Jacinta Fernandes, Banowe Shakarho, Kitty Wong, Vicky Kemp, Lourdes Chiu, Nina Jin, Claire Forsyth, Alex Harrington, Madeleine Warwick, Melissa Pepper

Stay tuned for news on 2022 events, and further introduction of the 2022 PA Committee!

What is The Parent Association?
The PA creates a chance for every community member to become involved in promoting and ensuring we have the best possible learning environment for every one of our students.

Any AISHK parent or staff member is, by default, a member of the AISHK PA. We encourage and invite all parents (with children in any age group) to consider playing an active role in this network.

The PA is managed by their Executive Committee of 6 positions and a General Committee. Being a part of either Committee means:

  • Promoting close cooperation between the School and parent body, and ensuring a welcoming support network for both new and current parents
  • Making a difference – share your skills and resources to enhance the learning and recreational environment of our students through fund-raising
  • Getting connected! A great way to meet fellow parents and make lasting friendships within the community
  • Fun – working as a team to coordinate AISHK’s dynamic community events
  • Collaborating closely with the AISHK Development Office to promote PA activities through the School’s official platforms 

Thank you in advance for your consideration towards playing an active role through the Parent Association in 2022.