[Head of School] Term 4 Week 6 Message

Year 2 presented a joyous assembly this morning. Their ‘Year 2’s Got Talent’ performances had a well-devised focus on friendship and the values that make us more successful as we grow into our future life-choices. Since finishing Year 2 means a change in uniform and sitting on chairs in assembly from next year, there was some excitement shown by the boys and girls for these dramatic visual changes. Nonetheless, the Year 2’s learning trajectory and collaborations will continue with the guidance of their new teachers.

The recently formed, this year, String Ensemble had their first public performance the HKGNA Music Festival last night. Nineteen of the group from Year 3 to Year 7 were on stage, and their renditions of Bizet’s ‘Farandole from L’Arlesienne Suite No. 2’ and ‘The Incredibles Theme’ were outstanding.  They also looked splendid on stage in their AISHK school uniform and they received many enthusiastic comments from audience members. Thank you to Mr Peter Stapleton who conducted and Ms Aliki Watson-Jones who stage managed the performance. The String Ensemble’s performance showed great pride and perseverance in their musical development.

Congratulations to our prefects for 2022 who have been appointed from this week. They will be an excellent team of young men and women working throughout the school. The accompanying Dhanara notice reveals the roles and work for their leadership over the next 12 months.

IB DP 5-year review and evaluation visit successfully took place this week and we received commendations from the virtual-visit team. There was an extended period of preparation and review required of us, and Mr Peter Phillip’s leadership of the process, along with the secondary staff, contributed greatly to our success in this accreditation exercise. Thank you to all who gave up their time to participate in the interviews, from Board members, parents, students and staff.

Details of the Festive Picnic event are coming to you, imminently, and I look forward to seeing you at the event. It will be a warm and lovely way to wrap up the year and share, together.

Best wishes for the weekend ahead.

Howard West | Head of School