Year 4 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 2


What an exciting start to Term 4 we have had with 3 fantastic days on camp including kayaking, catapult building, waterfall scrambling, biking, navigating and learning survival skills! We look forward to sharing our camp reflections and details about our adventures with you at the Year 4 assembly on Friday 12 November (Week 5). Below you will find some student highlights:

“Camp is so fun because we get to do fun activities like waterfall scramble and biking!” – Isabella Cheung

“This is the best part of Year 4!” – Finlay Fraser

“Some parts are intense like being on top of a waterfall, out in the ocean in a kayak and racing against other teams in the great race!” – Oliver Howarth


This term, Year 4 students will be reading, discussing and analysing the cultural and historical context of a range of fairy tales and comparing how stories differ depending on when and where they were written. So far, students have enjoyed reading a few classic fairy tales and we look forward to seeing what other versions we can find. 

How can you support this at home?

Read a fairy tale (or 2, or 3..) at home. Ask questions such as ‘how do you connect to this fairy tale?’ or ‘Does this story remind you of anything you have experienced?’ to spur on discussion

Share your favourite fairy tale with your child and tell them why you like it and what memories you have of reading this story.


We have started Term 4 with some revision of multiplication facts and strategies. Students have reflected on what they already know about multiplication and enjoyed participating in class activities around times tables. Later in the term, we look forward to measuring capacity and exploring money through the calculation of sums and change given. 

How can you support this at home?

Ask your child to share a multiplication game or activity with you and enjoy it as a family

Give your child opportunities to explore money by asking them to work out how much something will cost and how much change they should receive from the money given to the cashier.


In Geography this term, students will explore the idea that Every Week is Earth Week. This unit asks students to research and compare varied biomes of the world with a focus on the environmental impact people have. In particular, students will learn about the environmental challenges of South America and Africa and suggest ways people could ensure they are engaging with the Earth in a sustainable way.

How can you support this at home?

Look at maps and photographs of the environments in South America and Africa

Discuss ways you are sustainable at home and in your everyday life


Students will continue with swimming lessons until Week 7 this term with 1 or 2 lessons per week. Please look for details of specific swimming days from your classroom teacher.

Students will need:

  • Appropriate swimwear: one-piece costume for girls or speedo/shorts for boys. Non-AISHK swimwear is acceptable.
  • Students can wear their PE uniform on their swimming lesson day
  • Labelled ziplock bag (to put masks into) and spare mask
  • Swimming cap
  • Towel
  • Flip flops to wear in the pool area (optional)

Important dates to remember for Term 3:

Week 4: Tuesday 2 November: Year 4 Battle of the Bands

Week 4: Wednesday 3 November: Mufti day (hosted by Wattle and Eucalypt)

Week 5: Friday 12 November: Year 4 assembly (parents invited to join the fun)

Week 9: Wednesday 8 December: Last day of Year 4 (half day)

Year 4 Team

Kate Beange (Head of Year 4), Olivia Ashton, Neander Walsh, Lesley Stewart

Primary Office: