Reception Newsletter | Term 4 Week 2

Dear Reception Families,

Welcome to Term Four. It’s been a pleasure to have our students back in class and learning together again. We had an interesting first week with Typhoon Kompasu and our first online learning sessions since the beginning of the year, and a Public Holiday as well. Students have shown once again their adaptability and resilience as they’ve confidently come back into class, ready to learn and play. Read on for details about what we’ve been focussing on.


This term our overall focus is on transitions. We will be investigating a number of transitions that happen in the world around us, such as seasons and life cycles. As we explore the changes and patterns that exist in the world around us, we will think about the changes that we are going to be experiencing as we conclude our time in Reception and prepare for our transition to Prep next year. This fortnight, we have been focusing on the change of seasons that has brought us into Autumn. We have discussed the ways that nature changes during Autumn and explored pumpkins, pears, apples and Autumn leaves in our nature provocations.

The Rooftop

As the weather has cooled a little, we have been able to visit our fabulous green space on the Rooftop. This space is a great way for students to connect with nature and with each other in their play. We’ve even found some Autumn leaves to bring back to class! So far we’ve taken our ribbon sticks, butterfly wings and bubbles up to add to our fun. We are looking forward to continuing to use this space, and to exploring other spaces in our school that will help support our transitions.

“Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves.” – Stephen Moss

Phonemic awareness and phonics

This term we are continuing our work around phonemic awareness as we learn about the sounds that are in language. Students have been showing they are capable and confident in identifying and creating rhyming words. They are beginning to identify the initial sounds of words, and hearing words that have the same initial sounds. As we begin to explore the phonics associated with individual letters, we have been practising identifying words that begin with the same phonic. We have explored /p/, using our pumpkins and pears as a great starting point for our discussions.

We talked about how the sound is a bit like puffing to blow out a candle. Next we explored /a/, using apple as an example of this sound. You can support this learning at home for your child by pointing out things that start with these letters and discussing what other things you can think of that start with the same sound.

Social Learning

Over this past fortnight we have had two new socio-dramatic play spaces to enjoy. We have an office space complete with a computer and desk phone. Students have been enjoying going to ‘work’ and acting out the roles they associate with this environment. We also have added some dress up items to our home play space.

It has been fantastic to see students developing their own characters through their costume designs, and using this to add to their social play. The world of pretend play is a space where students can explore characters and roles from their own experiences and perspectives, and create new characters and roles. This is a powerful tool for language learning, social negotiation and problem solving as students act out various scenarios and situations. Play is a complex and vibrant learning space!


Sharing our holiday pictures

It has been wonderful sharing all of your holiday stories and hearing about all the adventures that were had! It has also been great to see how eager students are to stand in front of their peers and share their stories. This shows their developing confidence and sense of identity as a valued member of our community. As students have continued working on their expressive language skills we have discussed things like using whole sentences and adding descriptive language to our storytelling. Students are also working on their receptive language skills as they seek to understand and comprehend the stories they are hearing. We are looking forward to sharing in News Time again this term to continue adding complexity to this learning!

“We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories. There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling.” – Jimmy Neil Smith

We are looking forward to continuing our learning together over the next fortnight, as well as our upcoming Jacaranda and Wattle Mufti Day! The return of News Time and the introduction of further classroom leadership roles will be met with excitement from students I’m sure. Thank you once again for your support and encouragement of our learning. It’s great to see our students flourishing in Reception!


Lauren Rosanowski (Reception AM/Reception PM)

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