[Deputy Head of Primary] Term 4 Week 2 Message

For many of our students in Primary, the last week has provided opportunities for new experiences and there has been a definite theme of discovery.

Our Prep and Year 1 students have now had their first experience of using the school swimming pool. As well as working on their swimming skills, these students have had to be self-managers, taking care of their belongings and working hard to organise themselves. There has been a lot of excitement amongst students for the start of the swimming program and we look forward to seeing the progress they make over the coming weeks.

Our Year 2 students had the chance to go out and visit a local flower market this week. Setting out in their individual classes and supported by their teachers and parent volunteers, students walked from school and visited several shops in the market. They were able to investigate the different types of plants on sale and even made their own purchases of plants ranging from cactuses to Venus Fly Traps. This excursion was a valuable element of their Science investigations into living things.

In Years 3 and 4 there has been the exciting opportunity to attend school camps. For Year 3, this was their first experience of school camp and although this year’s camp hasn’t involved overnight stays, students have still been engaged in a range of fantastic outdoor experiences. Kayaking, hiking and canyoning were just some of the highlights that students were able to enjoy during their adventures in Sai Kung. Year 4 spent their camp in Mui Wo. They built shelters, learnt about survival skills, scrambled up waterfalls and much more. There will be a lot of tired but very proud students this weekend who, in many cases, have been guided outside of their comfort zones to discover just what they are capable of when trying new things.

These kinds of opportunities, both excursions and camps, cannot proceed smoothly without the considerable efforts of staff and parents to set students up for success. Thank you to everyone who has made all of this week’s learning experiences such a success.

After what has been a busy week, in what will continue to be a term of new and exciting experiences for students, I would like to wish families a restful weekend.

Chris Bird | Deputy Head of Primary