AISHK PA AGM & Note On Constitution

Dear AISHK Parents,

As communicated by email, please be reminded that each year, the PA offers an opportunity for parents to be a part of the PA Committee and sub-committees through its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

What is The Parent Association?

Any AISHK parent or staff member is, by default, a member of the AISHK PA. We encourage and invite all parents (with children in any age group) to consider playing an active role in this network. The PA is managed by their Executive Committee of six (6) positions and a General Committee of up to a further ten (10) people. Being a part of either Committee means:

  • Promoting close cooperation between the School and parent body, and ensuring a welcoming support network for both new and current parents
  • Making a difference – share your skills and resources to enhance the learning and recreational environment of our students through fund-raising
  • Getting connected! A great way to meet fellow parents and make lasting friendships within the community
  • Fun – working as a team to coordinate AISHK’s dynamic community events
  • Collaborating closely with the AISHK Development Office to promote PA activities through the School’s official platforms

Term 4 General Meeting & Notes on Constitution

Nominations for the PA Executive Committee will no longer require seconding by any current PA Executive member. This follows from the PA General Committee meeting of 27 October, where intended amendments to the Parent Association Constitution were not ratified.

Nominations for the Parent Association Executive Committee and the General Committee continue to be welcomed in preparation for the 17 November AGM. Please find the relevant details and forms as follows.

2021 PA AGM

The AGM of the AISHK Parent Association will be held at 1:30pm at AISHK on Wednesday 17 November, 2021. Parents who would like to contribute to the continued development of our school are invited to nominate themselves for election to the PA General or Executive Committees. Please find the following procedures related to the AGM per the AISHK PA Constitution:

Annual General Meetings (AGM) 

  • An AGM shall be held at least once in every calendar year – no later than November, thus allowing acceptable time for the establishment of the incoming committee before the end of the school year.
  • All existing Executive Committee members shall step down from their positions but are free to stand again for election.
  • Nominations and elections of the Executive Committee will be conducted through a secret ballot system. Nomination forms shall be circulated to the association members not later than the second (2nd) week of Term 4 to enable sufficient time for the ballot. Voting will occur during the AGM on nominations received by the designated due date. All positions that remain unnominated or open at the closing of voting will be re-advertised to the community with voting to take place via email by the Outgoing PA Executive, as well as the incoming PA Executive and any voting member present at the AGM.
  • The newly elected committee shall convene, with the Head of School, no later than one (1) month after the election to organise the calendar of events for the following school year.
  • Please note that if you wish to nominate yourself for a role on the Executive Committee you must be able to attend the AGM, unless otherwise arranged with the current Parent Association Executive Committee.

2022 PA Committee Positions

Please click here for the PA Committee positions available for self-nomination and which will represent the Parent Association in 2022.

Self-Nomination | Parent Association Committee 2022

To self-nominate for one of the AISHK PA positions in 2022, please complete and submit this form following the instructions enclosed. Please print and submit or scan and email the form to the 9th Floor AISHK Administration Office on or before 5:00pm, Wednesday 3 November 2021. Email:

Self-nominations close 5:00pm on Wednesday 3 November 2021. The nominees will be published to Dhanara and by email before the PA AGM.

Should you have any queries about the AGM, nominations or voting, please do not hesitate to contact

PA AGM | Register Your Attendance

The PA AGM will be held at 1:30pm at AISHK on Wednesday 17 November, 2021. The AGM is immediately preceded by the final PA General Meeting of the 2021 Committee. All Committee members will step down and the AGM will proceed.

If you wish to attend the 2021 PA AGM, please register via this form no later than 5:00pm, Wednesday 3 November 2021.

Thank you in advance for your consideration towards playing an active role through the Parent Association in 2022.

Best wishes,

Joanna Hartnett | President, AISHK Parent Association
For and on behalf of the AISHK Parent Association Committee