[Head of School] Term 4 Week 1 Message

We have had excellent but limited days in our first week of school. Our students have certainly been happy to be back in class and reconnecting with friends. They can also look forward to less interruptions and more time for learning activities in the days ahead.

With the weather looking clearer for next week, Years 3 and 4 will be looking forward to their attendance at camps, while Years 4, 5 and 6 are also putting the finishing touches on their soon-to-be-seen musical performances.

We commence our Year 12 Class of 2021 Valedictory events this evening and in saying a formal farewell to the Year 12 HSC and IB students, we wish them well in their forthcoming examinations. The Valedictory dinner and assembly are an important rites-of-passage for our hardworking young men and women who are graduating from secondary school. We wish them a memorable celebration with the teachers and families at each event.

Since the immediate storm cycle, we may be able to now experience some cooler weather in the next weeks. The TASS Parent Lounge, dating from 1 November, has an update for the wearing of blazers and ties to school each day from 15 November. If the weather cools prior to then, students are welcome to wear their blazers, as we optimise a trans-seasonal uniform for students to best feel prepared for weather changes. The scheduled 15 November date is when all Year 3-12 students will be required to wear blazers.

Parents will have received today an email announcing the school-wide parent survey as part of our continuous improvement process, in seeking feedback relating to their views of the School across a wide range of areas. The research is being conducted by MMG Education, a specialist education consultancy that works with schools in the areas of school strategic reviews and stakeholder satisfaction. MMG’s client schools include many schools across Australia. Staff and student surveys have already completed during Term 3.

We look forward to receiving the report once the surveys are completed.

Best wishes for the weekend ahead.

Howard West | Head of School