Mental Health Week Recap

Tune in to you, Tune in to others, Tune in to your Community and Tune in to Stigma.

AISHK’s Mental Health Week focus this week has given our students, parents and teachers the opportunity to Tune in to Mental Health.

The week started with lessons individualised to the developmental levels of our students in Primary and Secondary school. Students explored appropriate concepts to think about their own and other people’s mental health and wellbeing. These lessons were concluded with the creation of a musical note decorated by the students to show ways they choose to look after their own wellbeing. The 2nd Floor entranceway has been adorned with a symphony of wellbeing ideas. It is delightful to see the students, young and older, look for their own musical note as well as read those of their friends. Within Primary classrooms and Secondary homerooms, choice boards were offered for students to reflect and take time to complete a task that supports their own wellbeing.

Our School Psychologists Joanna Chan (Primary) and Bernadette Spencer (Secondary) gathered the students for a special Mental Health Week assembly. Students had the opportunity to reflect on both their own and others’ wellbeing. Joanna and Bernadette have been incredibly busy this week, not only creating lessons and hosting assemblies but they have also presented two parent information sessions, with content for either children under 12 years or over 12 years old. These sessions were highly informative and gave our parent community information about how to support their children and their Mental Health/Wellbeing as well as taking a moment to think about their own. Due to high demand, we are running a second session aimed at children under 12 years, next Thursday, 4 November. If you would like to join this final session, please log in and RSVP.

Lunchtimes for students from Years 3 to 12, have been a lovely time to grab a friend and make a ‘Connection Cuff’ (friendship bracelet). Our wrists are decorated with flashes of green Connection Cuffs which may have been given by a friend, or just made with a friend. This has been such a lovely conversation starter for the students and another way for them to Tune in to themselves and their friends. On Friday students of all ages were able to Tune in during lunch playtime as they were entertained by the very talented Year 10 rock band. As a background to play or as stand alone entertainment, this activity brought a fun Friday vibe.

Our staff haven’t been forgotten this week. Early morning wellbeing activities have been offered before school in the form of Monday morning stretch by Mr Nicholson, a ‘big kids’ PE class with Mr Wookey and a mindfulness session with Kim from St Johns Counselling. In the Staff Centre, an array of lovely teas were provided to encourage everyone to ‘grab a cuppa’ with a friend. To celebrate the Australian World Teacher’s Day calendar event, all school staff were thanked for their dedication to the students at our school with a cup of coffee and something sweet to start the day.

We are incredibly aware of the importance Wellbeing plays in the education of your children. All stakeholders and students’ themselves need to be able to Tune in to their Mental Health to ensure the best quality teaching and learning can take place.

AISHK Wellbeing Committee