Reminder: 2021/22 Student Grant Subsidy Scheme

Further to the EDB’s recent announcement regarding the second round of the 2021/22 Student Grant Subsidy Scheme, the EDB has issued forms which the School has sent home with students. Please note the following:

If you HAVE claimed from this scheme previously:

  • Your form has been pre-populated (orange). Please read the instructions carefully and adjust/fill any areas which require updating, initial any changes and duly sign and date the form.

If you have NOT claimed from this scheme previously:

  • Please read the instructions carefully, complete the information required and duly sign and date the Form A (white).

Please note that the EDB will not process forms that are not clearly and correctly completed.

Once complete, please return to the school by Friday 29 October, 2021 for our verification and submission to the EDB.

Please contact the school should you have any questions.

AISHK Administration Office