Year 4 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 10

Can you believe we have reached the end of Term 3? What an exciting term it has been with a mufti day, Book Week, Chinese Week, Student-led Conferences, Peer Support and so much fun in the classroom! We are looking forward to another fantastic term after the two week break.


Next term we’ll continue our swimming program with lessons from week 1 – 7, with students swimming 3 times a fortnight. Your class teacher will share the swimming timetable with you.

Students will need:

  • Appropriate swimwear: one-piece costume for girls or speedo/shorts for boys. Non-AISHK swimwear is acceptable.
  • Students can wear their PE uniform on their swimming lesson day
  • Labelled ziplock bag (to put masks into) and spare mask
  • Swimming cap
  • Towel
  • Flip flops to wear in the pool area (optional)


This term, Year 4 students have explored how authors position readers through their use of word choice, illustrations and characterisation in texts. In the final part of this unit, students shared their interpretation of a character from the book Voices in the Park by planning and performing a monologue. We were so impressed with how each student used voice, body and movement to convey their character! Well done to all Year 4 performers!

How can you support this at home? 

  • Ask your child about their monologue. Would they like to have an encore performance for you at home?


This term in Mathematics, we have had fun exploring and learning about 2D shapes, 3D shapes, angles, multiplication and problem solving skills. Next term, we will dive deeper into multiplication strategies, learn about calculating change when working with money, and so much more!

How can you support this at home? 

  • Ask your child to reflect on the multiplication games they may have completed for homework this term. Can they adapt any of these for another times table? Would they like to play these again over the holidays?


What lies beneath our feet? This was the big question that was explored in Science this term and wow there is a lot to learn! We have researched and learnt about a range of natural processes and human activities that impact the Earth’s surface, including continental drift, the rock cycle and land reclamation. We look forward to our Geography unit in Term 4 where we will learn about environments across the world, sustainability and how humans and nature interact.

How can you support this at home? 

  • Discuss sustainability with your child. What does it mean? What impact can we have as individuals?

Silver Duke (A message from Mr Brown)

Well done to those students that are busy working through the activities. A reminder that the holidays would be a perfect opportunity to complete some more Silver Duke activities. Keep it up!

Important dates to remember for Term 4

Week 1: Monday 11 October: First day of Term 4

Week 1: Thursday 14 October: Cheung Yeung Public Holiday

Weeks 1-7: Swimming

Week 2: Wed 20 – Fri 22 October: Year 4 Camp

Week 4: Tuesday 2 November: Year 4 Battle of the Bands 

Week 4: Wednesday 3 November: Mufti day (hosted by Wattle and Eucalypt)

Week 5: Friday 12 November: Year 4 assembly (parents invited to join the fun)

Week 9: Wednesday 8 December: Last day of Year 4 (half day)

Year 4 Team

Kate Beange (Head of Year 4), Olivia Ashton, Neander Walsh, Lesley Stewart

Primary Office: