Year 3 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 8

Dear Parents,

Thank you to everyone who came to the Student-Led Conferences last Friday. It was a wonderful and successful day. We really enjoyed watching the children complete activities with you, complete their goals for Term 4 and show you around their classroom.

Let’s have a look at the learning that has been taking place in the classroom over the last fortnight.


Week 7 saw the end of Ziba Came on a Boat with our final piece of learning being writing a script between Ziba and her mother. The students will perform their scripts which will be uploaded to Seesaw. We are now delving into the world of Suri’s Wall. The children are using their five senses (see, hear, touch, feel, taste) to write a descriptive piece of work pretending they are Suri. The students are continuing to practice writing suffixes, by adding ing, es, and ed to the ends of words when we are writing.

Bringing School to Home

  • Ask your child about Suri’s Wall. Who’s Suri? What does she do? Where is she?
  • Look out for different suffixes when reading with your child. Point one out and ask them to find another word with the same suffix. 


Students completed their amazing treasure maps to conclude our mapping unit. They wrote directions for a partner to find where the treasure was hidden. These were on display during our Student-Led Conferences, and will be uploaded to Seesaw for you to view again. We have begun our statistics unit where each student will be conducting a data investigation within the classroom. All students have picked their statistical question and collected data from the students in their classroom. We will move onto creating picture graphs and column graphs next week. 

Bringing School to Home

  • Ask your child what needs to be in a statistical question to ensure they collect the right data. How is a table to record tally’s set out? 


This fortnight we saw perhaps the most exciting experiment of the Unit – making jelly! It was all part of our investigation into what impact the removing of heat does to matter in changing it from a liquid to a solid. We also discussed the impact of adding heat and the impact on a solid in turning it to a liquid.  Our experiment involved jelly making three ways – sitting it on the classroom bench, in the fridge and in the freezer. Our results were written up using some scientific language to explain why jelly does not set when left in the classroom. 

Bringing School to Home

Conduct your own experiment at home with an ice block in a plastic bag and see what happens when you add heat to it. Have students discuss the process of matter changing from a solid to a liquid using the scientific language we have learned (solid, liquid, matter, molecules, convection, heat transfer) 


We are excited to inform you that Year 3 will be hosting their first assembly this year on Friday 17 September at 8:30am in the Auditorium. As parents, you are invited to attend and the students are excited about presenting in front of you!

The assembly will be about 30 mins long and it will be only for Year 3 students and their parents. Parents will need to register with security before entering the Auditorium.

We hope you are able to attend our assembly and enjoy the opportunity to see us in action on stage.


We are pleased to announce the commencement of our swimming program for Year 3 in Week 9. For details about our swimming program, please refer to the email sent by the Primary Office on Monday 6 September.


If you have not registered your child for the Year 3 Day Camp  at Sai Kung National Park from Wednesday 20 October to Friday 22 October 2021, please refer to the email sent by the Primary Office on Tuesday 31 August for details.

Important Dates to Remember for Term 3

  • Mid-Autumn Festival Public Holiday: Wednesday 22 September
  • Last day of Term 3: Friday 24 September

Have a wonderful weekend.

Year 3 Team

Rachel Collins (Head of Year 3), Kate Elliott, Jennifer Harbottle, Nyssa Tong

Primary Office: