Year 3 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 10

Dear Parents,

We cannot believe how fast the end of this term has suddenly appeared. What a term!!!! We’ve managed to include Student Led Conferences, Mufti Day, Book Week, Chinese Week, Assembly and commence our school swimming program in one term. Next term proves to be just as action packed with the continuation of swimming and the highlight of the year, Year 3 Camp.

Here is a brief outline of what has been happening in the classroom:


The students chose to write an SOS letter pretending they were either Ziba from Ziba Came on a Boat, or Suri from Suri’s Wall. First they planned their writing using headings such as who, what happened (past, present, future), when did it happen, why, where is she, how can we fix her problem? After planning their writing they completed a draft using the success criteria mood, emotive language, similes, metaphors and imagery. Next they had to edit their writing ensuring they had followed the success criteria and ensuring they had used lots of interesting words. Finally they published their writing using either a message in a bottle for Ziba or a paper plane for Suri.

Bringing School to Home

  • Ask your child which character they chose and why. Give your child a simple word such as ‘good’ or ‘happy’. Ask them to come up with five words that are more interesting but have the same meaning.


Students have been busy completing their individual data investigation. They created a question, surveyed all the students in their class, collated the data into a table and two types of graphs; a pictograph and a column graph, and with this data, they have interpreted their findings. These will be available for you to view and listen to your child explaining their investigation on Seesaw this week. 

Bringing School to Home

  • You can discuss the feedback your child gave themselves as they self-assessed this activity. Talk about what they thought they did well, and what their next step would be if they were to try a second data investigation. 


We have wrapped up the Unit by sharing our knowledge of everything about Heat in a set of our own GoogleSlides. The slides include important definitions and explanations of how heat works in real life. Students put a lot of effort in presentation and trying to communicate complicated information as clearly as they could. They are all so impressive. You can see the finished product on Seesaw if you click the link provided. 

Bringing School to Home

  • You can ask your child what they enjoyed most about putting together the Google Slides – was it hunting for diagrams, backgrounds, or writing up the information in their own words? 


Thank you to all the parents who were able to come and see the extravaganza that was the Year 3 assembly. We were so proud of the way your children really pulled it all together for an amazing show. 

We wish everyone a wonderful and well-deserved break for the next two weeks. We look forward to seeing everyone again all fresh and relaxed on Monday 11 October.

Year 3 Team

Rachel Collins (Head of Year 3), Kate Elliott, Jennifer Harbottle, Nyssa Tong

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