Year 2 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 10

Dear Year 2 Parents,

What a wonderful Term Three we have all had in Year 2. We have enjoyed so many things, with some highlights being swimming, cooking and the return of ECAs. We look forward to continuing with more events in Term Four including our Year 2 assembly on Friday 19 November. 


Year 2 wrapped up the term reviewing addition and subtraction, multiplication and fractions.
We also enjoyed four class sessions in the AISHK kitchen. The focus of the lessons was arrays, measurement (capacity), addition and fractions. Students also saw connections to English with procedural texts (recipes) being introduced. Cooking is an excellent hands on Maths activity for parents to do with their children. It involves many skills that children need to learn in the early years. If you have the opportunity at home to cook, we encourage you to cook during the holidays and forward your photos to your class teacher.


Year 2students have made some incredible informative posters to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding from this term’s unit of work. Students gathered and sorted their own information from multimodal sources of information on a chosen animal, put their facts into complete sentences using subheadings and presented their work with pride in a colourful poster display. We continued to work on our reading comprehension strategies in literacy groups and students had the opportunity to apply this knowledge to a non-fiction response to reading task on turtles and tortoises. 


Over the past two weeks, students have been busily completing their assessment tasks. In this task, students demonstrated their understanding of the globe through making a map, highlighted connections they have to different countries around the world and explained the reasons why people visit different places. They have also developed valuable skills in using Google Slides to present their information. The teachers have been very impressed with the depth of knowledge and the ICT skills that they have shown. 

Save the Date

We are planning to go on an excursion to Mongkok Flower Market during Week 2 (2L on Monday 18/10, 2B on Tuesday 19/10, 2A on Wednesday 20/10 and 2J on Thursday 21/10) to support our Term Four Science unit on living things. Full details will be sent after the holidays. We welcome as many parents as possible to join us to keep the group sizes small. Please note that as we will be walking to and from the Flower Market, this trip is weather dependent and the date will change in the event of rain.

Best wishes,

Year 2 Team

Melissa Brown (Head of Year 2), Joshua Aghion, Andrew Bennett, Rebecca Lachmund

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