Year 1 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 10

The colours and festivities of Chinese Week certainly made our final week of term a fun one indeed! Year One students looked fantastic in their Chinese attire and really embraced each opportunity to immerse in Chinese culture. Dragon dancing, Chinese snack packs, Chinese games, crafts, a musical concert and of course a special martial arts demonstration given by one of our very own parents, Nima Khezr-Nejet, a specialist in the Kung Fu of Wing Chun. The students really did have a wonderful week! 

We certainly have had a busy term and could not be prouder of what Year One students have achieved. They have learnt to tell the time, use mental strategies to solve problems and explain their thinking, identify 3D shapes and measure objects with informal units. Their writing has soared as they have been planning, writing and editing their very own narrative stories and procedural texts. Add Student Led Conferences into this mix as well as the Peer Support Program, a Mufti Day, Book Week, the return or ECA’s, commencing Choir to rehearse for our end of year Christmas concert and have parent helpers in our classroom. It certainly has been a busy term! 

Term Four is already looking very packed with even more opportunities for our students which is incredibly exciting. The Primary Office has already sent information home regarding swimming lessons and your classroom teacher will be in contact to give you further details. Please note that due to the shorter notice, students are not restricted to the school swimmers but must wear a swimming cap. 


In Writing over the last few weeks students have been continuing to develop their understanding of what a procedure is and have been exposed to a variety of different procedures. Students have been able to use this knowledge as a building block to write procedures on how to make popcorn, how to wash an animal, how to make a smoothie, how to make a paper lantern and how to make a sandwich. This week, students have completed the unit by writing a procedure on how to brush their teeth. 


In Maths, Year One have been learning about 3D shapes and they have worked on sorting, classifying and identifying 3D shaped objects in everyday life. They focussed on recognising shapes like cylinders, cones, cubes, rectangular prisms and spheres. For each of these shapes, students learned to determine its faces, edges and corners. In our lessons, students learned to describe the characteristics of 3D shape by using mathematical language. Some of the questions we investigated about 3D shapes in the classroom were their properties and their relation to other areas of maths.

Things that you can do at home: Build your own 3D shapes activity. Using toothpicks to create the edges of your 3D shapes and hold them together using blu-tacks or playdough on the corners. 3D shapes Walk in the Park activity. While walking around the park, find different objects that are of 3D shapes.


Our Chemical Science unit has come to an end with the students using their learnt knowledge to create a roof for a Lego house. When choosing their materials they had to think about the properties of each material and why it would be good to make a roof. The final part of the experiment was to pour a cup of water onto the roof and record their observations! 

Wellbeing with Miss Chan

Our Wellbeing program has continued each fortnight with Miss Chan. This week our focus was on cooperating or ‘teamwork!’. The students were asked to work in groups and decide upon a unique creature that is a combination of two animals and draw it. A rich and fun activity indeed. We look forward to continuing work with Miss Chan in Term 4 to continue building such important social skills that our students can continue to use in their everyday life. 

Important dates

  • Monday 11 October:  First day back of Term 4 
  • Friday 29 October: Year 1 Assembly 8:30-9:00 am Auditorium 
  • Thursday 14 October: Public Holiday 

Year 1 Team

Lynda Lemmon (Head of Year 1), Jamie Dy, Sarah Galvin, Jack Wolfreys

Primary Office: