Reception Newsletter | Term 3 Week 8

Hello Reception Families,

We have had a great fortnight in class, continuing our learning and development. We’ve welcomed a new month and successfully participated in a new experience – Student-Led Conferences. We have continued to learn about our five senses, we’ve practised our learning around numbers and letters, and we’ve begun our ‘News Time’. Keep reading for a summary of our learning and experiences!

Student-Led Conferences

Congratulations to our students who eagerly and enthusiastically shared their learning with their families during our Student-Led Conferences! It was fantastic to have families on campus, sharing in the celebration of all that our students have been learning. During the week we discussed what we needed to do, we practised the activities at each of our Learning Stations, chose which extra experiences we would like to have available and reflected on our learning areas that were ‘glowing’ and the spaces where we could do some ‘growing’. It was great to see our students feel a sense of ownership in our classroom on Friday, knowing that it is their space to explore and share. Students demonstrating how capable and competent they are and taking time to reflect on their learning helps them to see themselves as learners who can grow and change.  Thank you for coming in and celebrating with your child; I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did!

Our Five Senses

We have continued to learn about our sense of smell, adding new smells such as orange and lavender. We’ve also had some lovely flowers in our classroom to explore too. This week we have begun to discuss our sense of taste and the ways that taste and smell are intertwined. In the final two weeks of term we will explore our sense of sight and engage in experiences that require us to use all of our senses to build understanding. We will be making popcorn in class – a great experience for using all of our senses! We will be following all current hygiene guidelines and social distancing measures. Students will bring their popcorn home to eat. I’m sure they will be eager to tell you all about it!


As we’ve continued our work around number recognition and recall, we are practising making groups of objects and counting them one-to-one. We are beginning to explore how we can compare these groups of objects. We are learning vocabulary such as bigger/smaller, more/less, and equal/same. This learning will be our focus through to the end of this term as we consolidate our current knowledge and add steps of complexity.

At home, some great opportunities to support this learning are cooking/baking or sorting the washing. When cooking/baking, you can discuss each ingredient in relation to the others – which one do we need more or less of? Which one do we have the most of? When plating up a meal, you could discuss who has more of an item or who has less – who has the most peas?! Sorting the washing is a great way to consider size, shape and matching. Sorting socks is a great way to work on making pairs. When the washing is sorted, you can discuss who has the biggest pile and who has the smallest. To extend this, you could count the items and see if one person’s pile is bigger because of the number of items, or because of the size of the items. Simple tasks that incorporate fantastic learning opportunities!


Over the past fortnight we’ve spent time practising our letter recognition in anticipation of our Student Led Conferences and taking lots of different opportunities around our class to draw and write, strengthening our control and manipulation of writing tools. This might be a clipboard in the kitchen area to take someone’s order or make notes in our play, whiteboard markers next to the whiteboard to draw and write in a big space, smaller whiteboards available with examples of writing from alphabet charts and books, or clipboards available next to our construction experiences so that we can record our designs. All of these experiences support students to engage with writing at the level where they are capable and competent, with prompts to encourage them to build to the next step.

It is important for your child to see you writing, too! This reinforces the understanding that writing is a vital function of communication and language. Writing a note together, displaying your child’s artwork/writing proudly in your home, capturing your child’s stories and writing captions to add to their artwork – these are all things that support early writing understanding and ability along with the knowledge that language is communication. Digitally counts too: working on typing an email or message together, or sending a photo of your child’s artwork to family or friends are great ways to support this learning. 

“Play helped me express and shape the character traits which are at the core of who I am. I loved to draw. It allowed me to visualise and share my thoughts. Still today, a blank sheet of paper is an exciting wealth of opportunities to be developed.” – Lucas Boudet

News Time

Wow – students have been doing a fantastic job of sharing their news! This has very quickly become a favourite part of our daily routines for our students. We are working on speaking clearly, with an even pace and loudly enough for everyone to hear. This also involves standing confidently with our posture towards the audience. The audience has a role to play and are learning too! We are working on looking at the person who is speaking and managing our impulsivity by waiting until the speaker is finished before we offer our ideas. We are exploring the difference between questions and statements where one is asking something, the other telling something. There is so much learning happening and I know students are eagerly awaiting their turn to share! Thank you to our Wattle and Waratah students for sharing and to their families for helping them to prepare. We are looking forward to hearing from Jacaranda and Eucalypt in the coming fortnight!

Well, that’s a lot of learning! Next week, we will be making our popcorn and in Week 10 we will be celebrating Chinese Week together. I’m looking forward to continuing our learning as we make our way to the end of the term!


  • If you have signed up to be a parent volunteer in class, please ensure you have uploaded the necessary supporting documents
  • PM class only: in Week 10 we will be doing our Library borrowing on Thursday, I will send a reminder closer to the time as well
  • please return your Flu Vaccine Consent Forms by Friday 17 September
  • please check the supply of spare masks in your child’s bag

Lauren Rosanowski (Reception AM/ Reception PM)

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