Year 7 Camp 2021 Recap

In Week 9, Year 7 students embarked upon their first day-camp experience in Secondary school. The camp was held in Sai Kung, and both students and staff buzzed with excitement and enthusiasm!

On camp, our students worked in small groups to complete a range of physical activities such as hiking, canyoning, snorkeling and kayaking, as well as team-building activities. In addition, students also had the opportunity to develop their life skills and enable them to form meaningful connections across the year group and work collaboratively with peers and teachers. 

Over these five days, students demonstrated the courage to try new and challenging things, be persistent and grow their resilience. It was great to see students work together as a team, to achieve common goals, all while supporting and encouraging each other.

A big thank you to the dragonfly and our staff members: Mr Tim Tait, Ms Julie Howard, Mr Ian Pomeroy, Mr Lee Pilgrim, Mr Andrew McLean, Mr David Emery, Ms Isabelle Power, Mr Shane Barr, Mr Peter O’Connell, Ms Nancy Mitchell, Mr Geoff Haymes, Mr Peter McGunnigle, Ms Aileen O’Donnell, Mr Chris Walsh, Mr Will Campbell, Ms Bernadette Spencer,  Ms Emily Wilke and Mr Tuomas Biirret. Their positive attitude and support for the Year 7s was inspirational.

Overall, the Year 7 camp was a huge success! It was a memorable, unique, and exciting experience that students can remember for the rest of their lives. It was a fun break from school, a chance to get outside and try new things.







Lulu Zhang | Chinese Teacher and Head of Year 7