Year 12 IB and HSC Music Performances

Term 3 is a notoriously busy term for our Year 12 students as they approach the final stages of their courses in all subjects. For the musicians doing both HSC and IB Music, this invariably means finalising composition projects and preparing for their final performances. As both IB diploma and HSC Music 1 courses had various restrictions imposed upon us regarding the way we can hold our recitals, our music department has put together a video that presents the work that students have done for the performance components of their courses.

Justin Ho has been studying the Music IB course and was required to present a 12 – 15 minutes recital. As a very accomplished percussionist he chose to present most of his performance on the Marimba, where you will see him skillfully manipulating four mallets at the same time. He brought his own instrument into school especially for this and presented a wide variety of repertoire ranging from a transcription of an Allemande, originally composed for harpsichord by JS Bach to two very contemporary Marimba compositions. In the final piece, ‘Dance on a Shattered Mirror’, you will even hear some extended performance techniques which make use of rhythms on a chopping board towards the exciting climax of the work. You will also hear his stunningly virtuosic performance of the traditional Irish Jig, ‘The Irish Washerwoman’ on the xylophone (the Marimba’s baby brother).

Daniel Stapleton’s performances were centred around his chosen topics of study for HSC Music 1, which included ‘An Instrument and its Repertoire’, where he chose to play a concerto for the French Horn by Mozart. To recreate the performance as authentically as possible, he performed this as soloist with the AISHK String Ensemble, which is as close to a full orchestra as we could get at this stage. The string ensemble at AISHK features students from Year 3 right up to Year 9 and a great range of abilities is also represented. With limited time, and in the difficult key of Ab major for the strings, a great opportunity of presenting this wonderful piece of music was found for both the soloist and accompanying members of the ensemble. For his second topic, Daniel had chosen to study ‘Music of the 20th and 21st Centuries’ where he presents ‘Hope’ by Arlo Parks as a vocalist. The piece very topically presents the idea that, in loneliness we often feel isolated, yet there are always others who feel the same way. The opening of the chorus includes the lines: “You are not alone, like you think you are…. we all have scars”. Daniel sung whilst also playing the bass guitar alongside Justin playing drums, as well as Mr Haymes on the guitar and Mr Stapleton on the keyboards.

We are very proud of the work that the Year 12s have done, despite some rather adverse circumstances and wish them the best as they come to an end of their AISHK journey and venture into new beginnings.  I hope you enjoy our video.






Peter Stapleton | Head of Performing Arts