[Interim Deputy Head of Secondary Message] Senior Formal

One of the rites of passage for a senior student at AISHK is attendance at the Senior Formal. It is an opportunity for our Year 11 and 12 students to come together and celebrate being part of our strong AISHK community.

Last Friday 3 September was the 2021 Senior Formal. Our beautifully dressed and presented students converged on the Hotel Icon and created a buzz of excitement that resonated throughout Tsim Sha Tsui. 

As the students entered the ballroom, there was an opportunity for families and friends to be part of the evening: families mingled and many photos were taken. 

Once inside the ballroom, students were seated at formal tables, which were decorated in the event theme of The Enchanted Forrest’. The MCs for the evening, the school vice-captains, Ethan Bristow and Hannah Gliddon welcomed all to the event and expertly explained the structure of the evening.

Mr Howard West was invited to the stage to draw out the door prize; the prize was an afternoon tea for two, kindly donated by the Hotel Icon. Brandon Chung (Year 11) was the proud winner.

The students then shared a delicious buffet meal. As they ate, they were entertained by some live music, professionally performed by some of our Year 12s, Hannah Gliddon, Moses Chan, Justin Ho, and Daniel Stapleton. There to back up the students were Mr Geoff Haymes, on guitar and Mr Peter Stapleton on the keyboard.

The music continued after dinner and students hit the dance floor with gusto. This continued well into the evening, with some small breaks for a visit to the photo booth, where many of the memories of the night were recorded.

An event like this can only be successful with considerable background work. Ms Gita Bhaumik was instrumental in the organisation of the night, as was the student committee led by Hannah Gliddon and Ethan Bristow. Our gratitude also goes to Mr Geoff Haymes and Mr Peter Stapleton for organising and performing the music. A big thank you to all those people involved.

It was such a pleasure to see our Year and 12 students, along with some of their teachers, embrace this opportunity and make the most of the celebration. 

Janine Haymes | Interim Deputy Head Secondary, Head of English and French