HKAYP Students Participate in Service Through Street Art

Four of our Year 9 students took part in a special program organised by the Awards Office of the Hong Kong Award for Young People (AYP). The purpose of the program was to learn skills that could be applied to support community projects to enliven streetscapes or share a message.

Andrew Hill, PhD | Head of Science and AISHK HKAYP Coordinator

This program is a street art program that contributes towards completion of our AYP Bronze Service Section. It was a four-day program; two days were used for planning and practising with markers indoors on pieces of paper, and the other two were practical sessions, where we were allowed to spray paint on walls at the AYP Expeditions Centre in Sai Kung.

We started on the afternoon of Tuesday 10 August when we met our mentor, Fever (Fever is his artist name). We started off experimenting with writing the alphabet using our own style of what we think street art looks like. Fever the mentor gave us tips and tricks on some techniques and advice to help us improve and progress in this journey. In the second session we had more free time to figure out what we were going to spray on the wall and to figure out our tags, which are for signing our work. We learnt that our tag is completely up to us to design and there are no limitations – it didn’t even have to be our own name! From these first two sessions, we (especially Alton) became friends with the assistant Henry, who supported us with our designs.

In the third session, we finally got the opportunity to spray on walls at the AYP Expeditions Centre. We got lost on the way but eventually got there, and we practiced spray painting on the walls. It was free choice and we could spray paint whatever we wanted. Afterwards, we had lunch and tried to socialise with friends. After lunch, we had to plan what we wanted to spray on the walls and our designs had to have something to do with marine life. We touched up our designs on the last session, which was a shorter day in comparison to all the others. We took photos with the final product and eventually became friends with some people!

We learnt how to use the spray paint properly and learnt numerous street art techniques. They were difficult to pick up at first, but the free time session really helped as we could experiment without worrying if it looked nice or not. We achieved socialising and art skills that we can use in later opportunities, such as if we ever have to decorate a community-owned space, or if we have to do a project with people with who we are not familiar.

This experience was very memorable and we would highly encourage more people from AISHK to go if the program runs again in the following years.

Zoe Wan, Chantal Sun, Alton Qiu, and Audrey Kwok | Year 9 Students