‘Snapshots of AISHK’ | Year 5 and Year 11

Earlier this term we launched ‘Snapshots of AISHK!’ a video mini-series featuring students and teachers.

This week we bring you a ‘Snapshot’ of Year 5 from Primary and a glimpse into the HSC program in Year 11 and 12. Risa (Year 5) reveals the sideshow alley game that she and her team created as part of their mathematics unit and Luke (Year 11) highlights the rich and rewarding experience you can have studying HSC English at AISHK.

Each week’s Snapshots will give you a glimpse of a certain curricular aspect within each year level, with students sharing their own thoughts and experiences. We’ll be releasing Primary and Secondary videos each week across Term 3.

We hope you enjoy viewing this week’s videos. You can watch the videos individually below, or view them collectively in a playlist by clicking here.

Be sure to stay tuned to Dhanara and our social media platforms as we share our last instalment of the Snapshots of AISHK’ series in Week 8.

Year 5 | Mathematics

Year 11 and 12 | HSC and English