Library Update | Term 3 Week 8

This week in the Library, we invited the Year 8 English classes in for a lesson based on one of the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s (CBCA)  shortlisted books: ‘Azaria. A True History’ by Maree Coote. This book is part of the Eve Pownall category (information texts). Many of you will be familiar with the Azaria case in the 1980’s. The book is beautifully presented and allowed for discussion about visual literacy and how illustrators tell a story not only through words. This is the CBCA Judge’s critique:

“This book is beautifully designed and eloquently written. It keeps readers transfixed by provoking them to re-evaluate the historical Chamberlain case, as well as question expectations of justice, truth and scientific evidence. The main character, Lindy Chamberlain, is developed through multiple perspectives; as a police suspect, a character in the media and, eventually, as a human. Carefully selected words and phrases create impact in making sure mistakes of the past are recognised but not repeated and that a heavy topic is made accessible. The sophistication of the illustrations and design are striking and match the tone of the text with the colour palette reflecting the Uluru setting.”

The book promoted much interest about the media. After watching real footage from the time and viewing newspaper headlines, the students exchanged views on media literacy and reviewed thought-provoking critical literacy questions. Today, questioning the sources we use and the information we view is more important than ever. 

I am very much looking forward to welcoming the Year 7 students in for a similar lesson in the near future. 

Primary Premier’s Reading Challenge

The PRC has now concluded. Thank you to all the students who participated this year. Special thanks to Mums, Dads and Aunties who assisted in logging the books read to the online reading log – your assistance and support are much appreciated.  Student’s certificates will be distributed in Term 4.

Nicole Atkins | Head of Library and Information Services