Primary SRC and Environmental Committee Term 3 Update

The Student Representative Council (SRC) and the Environmental Committee (EC) students have now completed two terms in their leadership roles. They have applied a fantastic effort fulfilling their positions so far and have made some worthwhile changes and initiatives for the rest of the Primary school to enjoy. Read on to find out exactly what they have been up to!

Student Representative Committee (SRC)

SRC did a fantastic job of leading Jump Jam every Friday morning of Term 2. They learnt the dances to each of the different songs and took the stage to model the moves to the Primary school. This was a fantastic opportunity that showed the enthusiasm and growth mindset of the SRC students. 

Students within the SRC chose to have an online platform created where they could connect and offer activities for the Primary school. They came up with the name: ‘SRC Kids Corner’, where each week, students from the committee designed activities available to all ages to complete. Word-finds, recipes and writing competitions were just a few of the options that have been available. The comic strip competition was very popular! 

Looking ahead to Term 4, SRC students are working towards developing positive phrases that can be used with Early Childhood to remind them about how to play, and what to remember during recess and lunch breaks. These phrases support the ‘Connect, Strive and Flourish’ framework within AISHK so that students are familiar with the language. They are also developing an activity that they will lead as a group of 4-6 and then deliver to a group of Early Childhood children next term. This will be a great opportunity to strengthen the connections between Primary and Early Childhood, and for the SRC students to continue to strengthen their leadership skills. 

Environmental Committee (EC)

The EC have had a great term planning and implementing two new projects in our school. It has been an excellent opportunity for their voices to be heard and to take the lead in making our school more environmentally friendly. 

They have successfully started an urban farm on the green roof where they are currently growing corn, pumpkin, melon, passion fruit, lemons and more! Students are able to see sustainable principles and strategies in action. They have had to problem solve as new challenges arise each week. They are very excited to watch their plants grow and are waiting with bated breath for them to produce some fruits and vegetables

To help with the success of our farm and to reduce food waste that goes to landfill the Environmental Committee have also implemented organic only, food composting. Students are responsible for collecting the compost and making sure that there is no plastic or paper mixed in. As the waste turns to compost students will have highly nutritious organic compost to help grow their delicious fruits and vegetables. 

The Environmental Committee will continue to work hard on the rooftop farm and composting scheme. They are very passionate and dedicated to helping our school community be as sustainable and environmentally minded as possible and have no shortage of ideas on how to make that happen!

Kate Elliot | Primary SRC Coordinator

Jaime Ashton | Primary Environmental Committee Coordinator