[Head of Primary] Student-Led Conferences Recap

It has been a truly wonderful day with Student-Led Conferences taking place in person at school today. I am sure parents would agree it was a very busy and insightful hour into their child’s learning. It gave parents an opportunity to see what and how their child is learning. My favourite part of the day was watching the students take control of their learning as they lead their parents through what they have learned.  Although there were nerves shown by some students before they began explaining their learning to their parents, the excitement in the classrooms was very evident. There were a range of areas shown today including, English, Mathematics, Chinese, History/Geography, Science, Technology and Goal Setting. It was also incredibly exciting to see students showing off their skills in PE and Music and presenting the artwork they created in Visual Arts to Mum and Dad. For many students, an hour was not long enough!

This is certainly one of my favourite school days of the year where students take responsibility for their learning and become active participants in the learning process. We had a tremendous turn out from parents and students throughout the day. Having not held Student-Led Conferences on campus for over two years, the day has reminded me of the great value a parent can get out of listening to their child talk about their learning.

Thank you to our teachers for setting up the students for success and thank you to our parents and students for engaging in the process. It was a great a day of celebration and we hope parents have enjoyed this memorable moment with their child.

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Brendan Kean | Head of Primary