[Head of Primary] Special Primary Assemblies

Over the last 18 months, there are many things in school that we have missed and seeing students on stage performing is certainly one of them. We are pleased to say that the last two Fridays have changed that with Year 5 and 3 students holding their first assemblies, 693 days since their last one! Both assemblies were highly engaging with a range of class performances to keep the audience entertained. Students were sharing their learning, showing off their skills, singing and just bringing a laugh and smile to our faces. Perhaps even a few tears of joy were shed at the excitement of having students back on the stage. What was most fascinating to watch was seeing the nervousness of students before the assembly and then the euphoric sense of achievement when they finished their performance. Our Year 3 students, who last performed in Year 1, were very excited about their success on stage today. As the Head of Primary, I could not be prouder of our students and more grateful to our teachers for setting our students up for success.

We are excited to continue with assemblies each Friday next term for all other year levels. We also have students preforming a range of musical performances from Prep – Year 6 with the Performing Arts Department in Term 4. Please refer to the email sent from the Primary Office on Friday 10 September.

Brendan Kean | Head of Primary