Chinese Week 2021 Recap

Students had an exciting and beautiful week celebrating Chinese Week. They got to decorate classroom doors and they made a wide range of Chinese crafts including lanterns, calligraphy, drawing Chinese flowers, painting Chinese fans, colouring their own panda mask and sewing panda hand puppets.

On Monday, the students got front row tickets to see a Chinese concert. The Prep students seemed to especially enjoy the concert as they were able to name the Chinese instruments and reflect on the ones they liked.

On Tuesday, the students enjoyed the Chinese Fun Fair. It was fantastic to see Year 6 demonstrating great leadership skills running the Chinese culture and language activities for Primary. It was heart-warming to see the whole school come together as a community to celebrate Chinese Week.

We were very lucky to also welcome a parent guest, Shi Fu Nima who ran some Wing Chun workshops (Mindfulness Wing Chun). Not only did they get the opportunity to understand the history of Wing Chun, but the essence and the importance of respect, focus and resilience. Ask your child to demonstrate a maneuverer taught by Shi Fu Nima.

Lots of students got to enjoy a delicious snack bag full of Chinese sweets. The fortune cookie was a favourite for many! There was also lots of enthusiastic participation in the Kahoots quiz across the school. Congratulations to Wattle!

To finish up an already jam-packed festive week, students wore beautiful traditional Chinese dress and were thrilled by a captivating dragon dance performance. This was followed by a student-centered assembly where there was lots of performances from each year level: singing, dancing, drama, poetry, Cantonese Opera, Chinese music playing and there was even an exciting Chinese face-changing performance!

It was very nice to end on a ‘high note’ with everyone singing in Chinese together.

Primary Chinese Department