Chinese Week 2021 Celebrations

We are thrilled to announce that Chinese Week will be taking place in Week 10 (20 September to 24 September).

Here are some things to look forward to:

Monday 20 September

  • Chinese Musical Concert
  • Arts and crafts in Chinese class
  • Panda Hunt

Tuesday 21 September

  • Chinese Fun Fair run by Year 6 students for all of Primary
  • Arts and crafts in Chinese class

Wednesday 22 September

  • Mid-Autumn Festival public holiday

Thursday 23 September

  • Kung Fu (Wing Chun) Workshop
  • Chinese Week Snack Bags
  • Arts and crafts in Chinese class

Friday 24 September

  • Dragon Dance Performance
  • Chinese Week Assembly
  • Chinese Dress Day

Please do not hesitate to contact the Primary Office ( with any queries.

Primary Chinese Department