AISHK Students Flourishing in Primary

As part of our Book Week Celebration this term, we would like to share the great achievement of Ernest Lin (6S) who has had a piece of his artwork included in a book. The book ‘Return to Colgilor’ by Colin Gibbins is the second book in the Rainbow Quest series. 

Colin Gibbins selected Ernest’s drawing for the Grey Elf character. He had to follow the description: long pointed ears, crooked nose, drooping moustache, full-length grey cloak, twisted & crooked staff, and he has done an excellent job. The book was published in the United Kingdom and is available on Amazon worldwide. 

Colin Gibbins has generously donated a signed copy of the book to our school library, so make sure you visit page 120 to see Ernest’s portrayal of the Grey Elf.

Ruby March in 5T has also been giving to the community. Ruby was invited to do voice-over/reading for an EDB reading program ‘Space, Town, Go’. This initiative is a resource to assist thousands of students across Hong Kong in Primary 1, 2 and 3, to learn to read. Ruby’s voice can be heard in the Primary 3 level.

Ruby tirelessly gave her time freely to this endeavour which included sounds (phonemes), book reading, sight words and content words. 

Well done to our AISHK students who are displaying our values of Connect, Strive, Flourish within the community as they do in school.







Donna Botfield | Deputy Head of Primary