Year 6 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 4

The wheel never stops! So much to do and see here at AISHK. One of our stand out events this week has definitely been our Eucatah Mufti Day. Our entire school community took part in raising money for our chosen House charities, the Child Welfare Scheme Nepal (Waratah) and the Christina Noble Foundation (Eucalypt). Students enjoyed food, activities and dressing up to show off their Olympic Spirit. A big shoutout to our House Captains Lachlan Boss, Tamsyn Allen, Sienna Foyn from Waratah and Violet Chaplin, Stella Cox, Will Walsh and Luke Weston from Eucalypt. They did an absolutely amazing job supporting the House Patrons throughout the day.

Peer Support
Our Primary Peer Support Leaders continue to demonstrate impressive leadership in their important mentoring roles. In Session 3 on Wednesday of this week, the focus turned to the ‘Strive’ component of our school motto ‘Connect, Strive, Flourish’. Each group explored what it means to genuinely strive for success with many of the activities and discussions centering on the notion of learning from one’s mistakes. Indeed, many of our students’ ultimate successes are borne out of an ever-evolving understanding that, in life, things do not always go as we may plan or hope. What is important is a resolve to improve and a determination to realise our goals. The Year 6 teachers see this mindset articulated in the Peer Support Leaders’ reflections at the end of each session where they identify what went well and what they may try in future sessions to overcome setbacks and any roadblocks to success.

In English, we have been exploring information texts. Students have been immersed in rich and engaging information, delivered in varying platforms. They have been building upon their understanding of the common structures, language features and most importantly the use of images. Our students have had numerous opportunities to demonstrate their ever-evolving understanding of informative texts, by applying their knowledge of natural disasters in the creation of information flip books, infographics, info-dials and posters.

We have successfully moved into our iMaths unit ‘Clever Containers.’ Students are encouraged to solve a real-world problem, applying all they have learned over the past few weeks. They must work with a manufacturing company to “investigate the best measurements for a carton that could hold 1000 lidless rectangular plastic takeaway containers, which are shrink-wrapped in individual stacks of 50.” These investigations are a wonderful addition to our Maths program, enabling students to learn how to easily transfer formal mathematical skills and apply them to tasks that are embedded in or resemble real-world contexts. For extra practice, students are encouraged to keep up with their homework and Mathletics tasks which are used to reinforce the learning opportunities in class.

If you would like to spend some extra time at home working through some math challenges with your children, then we suggest you pose some questions based around packing and stacking. E.g. ask your child to measure containers in the household, then create a box that can contain them, or have them measure a set of cans and see how much cardboard would be needed to pack and deliver them. 

We have been knee deep in natural disasters! Students have been obtaining a solid understanding about how and why these disasters occur and how we can help diminish the devastation and global impact in the future. We are currently working our way through the ‘tuning in’ and ‘finding out’ stage of the inquiry cycle. Next, students will be encouraged to sort out their knowledge and choose a particular path they are interested in researching more about.


Upcoming Dates

  • Staff Professional Learning Day (Students do not attend): Friday 20 August (Week 5)
  • Book Week Celebrations: Week 6 (more info to come) 
  • Student Led Conferences (Students only attend their designated session): Friday 3 September

Year 6 Team

Stephanie Clarke (Head of Year 6), Jodie Spencer, Emma Knight, Chris McCorkell

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