Year 3 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 6


Dear Parents,

As per usual, it’s been an action packed fortnight in Year 3. We have just finished a fabulous Book Week for 2021. The highlight for many was definitely the parade and meeting the author Narelle Cridland, via Zoom. We look forward to our Student-Led Conferences next Friday 3 September.

Here’s what we have been doing in class:


The students have been investigating the techniques authors use to affect the mood of their stories. They have been delving into word choices, illustrations, colours and imagery and discussing how changing these concepts in our writing can change how the reader will feel. The students have also been writing a script to finish the story ‘Ziba Came on a Boat’. They approached this task with great enthusiasm and will be performing their script between Ziba and her mother in front of the class. 

The students have been writing descriptions using their 5 senses. We have been using our senses aiming to create imagery for the reader. We have used sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste to describe walking in the night towards a spooky house, aiming to create a mood and image for the person reading.  

Bringing School to Home

  • Ask your child to change the adjectives in the stories they are reading to change the mood.
  • Choose a setting such as a park or swimming pool, then try and describe it using your 5 senses. 


Students have been working hard to create their treasure maps. In particular, they have been focusing on grid maps. We have looked at the Dreamworld and Ocean Park maps to gain an understanding of the purpose for a key/legend. Students have had to ensure they put the letters and numbers in the correct place so that coordinates can be identified, include a clear key/legend that matches their map, place a minimum of five different locations on their map and then write the instructions for a peer to find the hidden treasure! These maps will be uploaded onto Seesaw in due course for you to look at. Next week, we will move onto Number; recapping the strategies for addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. 

Bringing School to Home

  • Ask your child to play battleships at home with them or practise their basic facts. 


Some fascinating investigations into what materials are best as insulators and conductors have occurred this week. Our ‘spoon’ test confirmed our thinking that metal spoons would transfer heat faster and more effectively than wooden and plastic spoons. We will continue the investigation using water bottle insulators (more commonly referred to as stubby holders). An experiment on the effect colour has on heat transfer may result in students insisting on a white summer wardrobe, rather than a black one. 

Bringing School to Home

  • Ask your child to explain how the insulated containers they bring to school keep their noodles or rice warm all the way until you lift the lid on it at lunchtime. 

Peer Support

In Session 5 on Wednesday of this week, the focus turned to the ‘flourish’ component of our school motto Connect,  Strive, Flourish. Each group explored the notions of resilience, creativity and personal growth. The leaders guided their group through activities and discussions designed to examine the ways in which we can achieve our goals and grow into the best possible version of ourselves. This includes our need to think about the whole body and mind: being healthy, sleeping well, exercise, being kind and showing gratitude. The groups discussed the ways in which we can be creative that go beyond more widely-accepted definitions, i.e. those centred on literary, artistic or musical expertise. A broader definition of creativity also includes such things as the innovative use of data, practical solutions to everyday problems and creating change in the world in positive ways. 

Important Dates to Remember for Term 3

  • Student-Led Conferences: Friday 3 September
  • Mid-Autumn Festival Public Holiday: Wednesday 22 September
  • Last day of Term 3: Friday 24 September

Have a wonderful weekend.

Year 3 Team

Rachel Collins (Head of Year 3), Kate Elliott, Jennifer Harbottle, Nyssa Tong

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