Year 3 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 4

Dear Parents,

We have had an exciting week with our highlight being the Eucatah Mufti Day on Wednesday. It was great fun watching the children compete in a mini Olympics on the field. Thank you to the parents who attended the camp information session on Thursday. Camp information will be sent to all parents in due course.


In English, the students are learning to compare their lives to the lives of the characters in stories. What do they find that’s the same? What’s different? The students completed a Venn Diagram, showing similarities and differences, to demonstrate their thinking. They also used the graphic organiser ‘Someone, Wanted, But, So’ to complete summaries of the text ‘Ziba Came on a Boat’. The students have been learning and reviewing using the correct suffixes ‘s’ or ‘es’ when writing plurals. They have also been learning about imagery, and how we can write descriptively using our senses so that a reader can feel and understand what we are trying to express. 

Bringing School To Home

  • When the students are completing their reading homework, you could ask them what is the same or different about themselves and the characters in the books they are reading. When traveling to and from school or when at home, ask students to describe something they see using all 5 senses. 


In Mathematics, the students have been learning about lines of symmetry and angles. They created Symmetrical Aliens to show how symmetry is identical on either side. Students also visited the rooftop to explore symmetry in their environment. This week, we have learnt about angles that are all around us. ‘Right angle’, ‘less than a right angle’ and ‘greater than a right angle’ is the terminology we have been using. Some students are also using the language of ‘obtuse’ and ‘acute’ to explain the difference in sizes of the angles they find. Next week, we are moving onto mapping and directions where students will create a treasure map for a partner on the rooftop! 

Bringing School To Home

  • Ask students to identify different angles or lines of symmetry at home. They might want to create instructions with a map for you to follow too!


In our Heat unit, students have looked in more detail at the transfer of thermal energy (heat). They are starting to understand how conduction, convection and radiation work in real life situations. Conduction and convection experiments have assisted student understanding of the concepts. 

Bringing School To Home

  • Ask students what form of heat transfer it is when ice melts in their hand, and how this happens using scientific language (conduction, thermal transfer, heat moving from hot matter to cold etc.).

Peer Support 

Our Primary Peer Support Leaders continue to demonstrate impressive leadership in their important mentoring roles. In Session 3 on Wednesday of this week, the focus turned to the ‘strive’ component of our school motto ‘Connect, Strive, Flourish’. Each group explored what it means to genuinely strive for success with many of the activities and discussions centering on the notion of learning from one’s mistakes. Indeed, many of our students’ ultimate successes are borne out of an ever-evolving understanding that, in life, things do not always go as we may plan or hope. What is important is a resolve to improve and a determination to realise our goals. The Year 6 teachers see this mindset articulated in the Peer Support Leaders’ reflections at the end of each session where they identify what went well and what they may try in future sessions to overcome setbacks and any roadblocks to success. 

Junior Duke

Mrs Collins will be offering help in her classroom, Room 308, for all Junior Duke participants every Tuesday at lunchtime. Students can bring in their Junior Duke booklets if they require help to complete some of the tasks. 

Important Dates to Remember for Term 3

  • Staff day (no classes for students): Friday 20 August
  • Book Week: Week 6
  • Student Led Conferences: Friday 3 September
  • Mid-Autumn Festival Public Holiday: Wednesday 22 September
  • Last day of Term 3: Friday 24 September

Have a wonderful weekend.

Year 3 Team

Rachel Collins (Head of Year 3), Kate Elliott, Jennifer Harbottle, Nyssa Tong

Primary Office: