Year 2 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 6

Dear Year 2 Parents,

We have enjoyed a fun-filled Book Week, culminating in the character parade today. 

The children are now all busily preparing for Student-Led Conferences next week. We look forward to a celebration of their learning and achievements in the hour we have together in the classroom. 


Students have been enjoying presenting speeches to their peers and practising their listening skills over the last few weeks. This has been a great way for students to develop their confidence and prepare multimodal presentations for familiar audiences. 

In Writing, students have been looking at language features used in non-fiction texts and have continued crafting their own pieces. They have been sorting information based on the main idea. Having your child complete a five minute quick-write after they viewed or read an informative text is a great way to continue practising their writing skills at home. 

Students have been further exploring multiplication through the world of arrays. Learning the difference between rows (across) and columns (up and down), and looking for arrays in the real world. Multiplication is learnt as repeated addition in Early Childhood rather than simply memorising times tables. The language of multiplication includes terms such as ‘lots of’, ‘groups of’, ‘product’ and ‘by’.

You may ask your child to see how many of the terms associated with multiplication they can remember.

Students have been thinking about multiplying by one and zero, these concepts seem simple, however they are confusing for some learners.

You may wish to ask your child to explain what it means to multiply by 1 and the difference between that and multiplying by 0.

Over the past two weeks, students have been busily completing their studies in the unit ‘Where in the World Are We?’ We’ve been looking at people’s connections to their local environment through the lens of the Australian Indigenous Peoples. Students have started to consider their own connections to the rest of the world and how we are connected through the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the places we visit and where our family members are located. 

Peer Support

Our Primary Peer Support Leaders have continued to embrace their leadership roles with admirable enthusiasm and commitment. The supervising teachers have noted the close connections the leaders have developed with their cohorts and the highly positive manner in which they approach the activities and discussions scheduled in each session.

In Session Five on Wednesday of this week, the focus turned to the ‘flourish’ component of our school motto Connect,  Strive, Flourish. Each group explored the notions of resilience, creativity and personal growth. The leaders guided their group through activities and discussions designed to examine the ways in which we can achieve our goals and grow into the best possible version of ourselves. This includes our need to need to think about the whole body and mind: being healthy, sleeping well, exercise, being kind and showing gratitude. The groups discussed the ways in which we can be creative that go beyond more widely-accepted definitions, i.e. those centred on literary, artistic or musical expertise. A broader definition of creativity also includes such things as the innovative use of data, practical solutions to every day problems and creating change in the world in positive ways. We look forward to the final session of our Peer Support Program next week.

Best wishes,

Year 2 Team

Melissa Brown (Head of Year 2), Joshua Aghion, Andrew Bennett, Rebecca Lachmund

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