Reception Newsletter | Term 3 Week 4

Hello Reception Families,

What a great fortnight we have had here on campus learning together! We’ve continued to see great leadership and sharing from our established Reception students as they’ve supported our new friends to develop a sense of belonging. Their connections with one another are growing and it’s great to see the confidence of all students strengthening. Read on to find out more about what we’ve been working on.

We’ve continued our focus on learning about our senses and how we use them to understand the world around us. We explored five different textures and added these to a Touch Board, writing down the words we explored to describe each texture. Students did a super job on this task and it was great to see their descriptive vocabulary had enhanced during our sense of touch learning experiences. We have begun to explore our sense of hearing and had a fun time on a ‘Listening Walk’ around our school. There was so much to hear! We are looking forward to working on this further next week. The Early Years Learning Framework aspires for students to become confident and involved learners. Through exploration we are inviting students to develop their curiosity, creativity and problem solving. Active, hands-on learning experiences support them to develop understandings of themselves and their world. As they make discoveries they are defining and refining their working theories and making connections between people, places, materials and technologies. There are opportunities for learning across curriculum domains and although it may not always immediately appear like ‘learning’, students’ disposition to be confident and involved learners is vital for their life long learning journey.

“Children’s active involvement changes what they know, can do, value, and transforms their learning.” – The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (DEEWR).

Our social learning over the past fortnight has been about problem solving together and working in ways that support collaborative experiences. This has involved introducing some shared language about how we can listen to one another and solve problems together by talking about how we feel, what we notice each other doing and what we think needs to happen for us to move forward. We will continue this learning throughout the term, using our Circle Times to practise our language and role play scenarios. We’ve also discussed how we can manage our own contributions to collaborative experiences, encouraging students to play in ways that support the group goals. One such thing we’ve focussed on is the volume of our voices. We’ve used the analogy of ‘turning down the volume’ and practised this at Circle Times by starting very loudly and following a visual prompt to ‘turn down the volume’. This has been a fun activity and students have been employing this technique in their play.

“Play, while it cannot change the external reality of children’s lives, can be a vehicle for children to explore and enjoy their differences and similarities to create, even for a brief time, a more just world where everyone is an equal and valued participant.” – Patricia G. Ramsey

We had a great time celebrating Eucatah (Eucalypt and Waratah combined) Mufti Day and sharing in the Olympic spirit. Students looked fabulous in their Olympic themed clothing and there was a real excitement about the day’s events. We enjoyed watching and recreating some Olympic sporting moments in class and sharing about the events we have seen over the past few weeks. The Olympic Village games were a highlight for students! A big thank you to the House Patrons and House Captains who planned, set up and implemented such a fun day and helped us to support the important work of the two chosen charities. 

As mentioned in our last newsletter we are looking forward to inviting parent helpers back into class this semester. I will make contact with parents as opportunities arise to come in and play, or help out with experiences such as reading. Should you be interested in helping in class, please fill out the linked form below to indicate your availability. We ask that all parent helpers are fully vaccinated, with fourteen days elapsed since their second vaccination, before coming into class. For parents who have previously sent through vaccination records, this information has not been retained and will need to be resubmitted. So that parents can help in the classroom on an ongoing basis, we will retain your vaccination records for the rest of the year.  Should we receive a large number of responses, we will do our best to involve as many parent volunteers as we can. 

We appreciate your understanding as AISHK continues to strive towards maintaining a safe school environment. I am sure that students will be very excited to have parents in class. You can register your interest here.

It’s hard to believe that we are already at the end of Week Four! We are having a great time in class and it is fantastic to see our students striving for success and flourishing. There is more fun to be had; I look forward to sharing with you our learning again soon.

Lauren Rosanowski (Reception AM/ Reception PM)

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