Prep Newsletter | Term 3 Week 4

We’ve had such a wonderful fortnight of learning in Prep. Wednesday’s Olympic themed Mufti Day was filled with fun, games and excitement! It was fantastic to see so many students get involved: dressing in their different sports gear, participating in a range of games and embracing the Olympic spirit. Thank you for your support and donations. Together we were able to raise valuable funds for Waratah and Eucalypt’s chosen charities, The Christina Nobel Foundation and Child Welfare Nepal.


In Phonics lessons, we have continued focusing on the phonemes ll ss, zz and ff and learning our current camera words: you, play, this, come, my, have

Ask your child to share with you some of the words they are able to sound out and write such as: sell, fuss, jazz, scruff

The children have been showing progress in their ability to independently spell words phonetically. They are remembering to include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops while using a neat handwriting script in their writing.

Next week, we will introduce students to their new digraph sounds sh / ch / th / wh and camera words like, do, says, what, going, give. 

In our Literature lessons, we have continued to look at Imaginative texts. We have been spending time discussing whether we like and dislike the texts, focusing on giving reasons to justify our decisions. Students have also been enjoying the sequencing and retelling activities to deepen their vocabulary, comprehension and understanding.  


Students have been exploring Measurement, making direct and indirect comparisons to decide which is longer, taller or shorter. They enjoyed being challenged to sort themselves into height order. 

Ask your child to share with you who they are shorter or taller than in their class. 


Prep students have enjoyed exploring our new topic: Forces. They have identified moving and non-moving objects and have conducted a guided investigation into how an object moves, looking at objects within our classroom. So far, we have focused on push and pull movements. 

Ask your child for a real world example of objects that move by a push or pull force.

Social and Emotional Development

The first years of school can be challenging for our little people as they are developing independence and social/emotional skills in their new school setting. They are navigating the world of new friendships, sharing and taking turns with others. Learning to be kind, have gentle hands, include others, respect each other and school property are key messages we are developing. We are continuing to support our children to be ‘good friends’ and to ‘use their words’ to sort any problems.

Talk to your child about how their day was and ask them for their ideas on how they can solve problems if they experience conflict with their peers. Talking through solutions is a great way to help build social/emotional skills.

Peer Support

Our Primary Peer Support Leaders continue to demonstrate impressive leadership in their important mentoring roles. In Session Three on Wednesday of this week, the focus turned to the ‘strive’ component of our school motto ‘Connect, Strive, Flourish’. Each group explored what it means to genuinely strive for success with many of the activities and discussions centering on the notion of learning from one’s mistakes. Indeed, many of our students’ ultimate successes are borne out of an ever-evolving understanding that, in life, things do not always go as we may plan or hope. What is important is a resolve to improve and a determination to realise our goals. The Year 6 teachers see this mindset articulated in the Peer Support Leaders’ reflections at the end of each session where they identify what went well and what they may try in future sessions to overcome setbacks and any roadblocks to success.

Prep Team

Erin Torres (Head of Prep), Renee Bauer, Kate Jackson, Vanessa Perry

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