[Interim Deputy Head of Secondary Message] Return to Routines

It is quite astounding how routines have now become a breath of fresh air! At school, we have been able to return to some of our pre-Covid practices and routine; all with a Covid safe spin, of course.

In the Secondary school, we have been working with the students on returning to some of these norms. Uniform, in particular, has been a focus of the conversation. The return to the policy of changing at school for PE classes has taken some adjustment. We ensure that there is plenty of room for students to socially distance themselves within the change room and the PE staff are making sure that time is given for students to freshen up and change after lessons.

I spoke to students at the recent assemblies about the importance of uniforms. We discussed how uniforms represent connection and are an opportunity to demonstrate pride in our school community. Students were reminded that they need to wear their uniforms properly, this included a prompt on the school guidelines around jewelley, hair, and skirt/short length. 

Year 7 is focusing on developing organisational routines. Our Year 7s are still adjusting to life in Secondary, so time spent working on these skills has been part of the Pastoral Care program. Nicole Atkins, Head of Library and Information Services, has taken the lead here and is ensuring our students know their way around the effective and well resourced, Study Samarai program. 

Another routine that students were very excited to get back to this week was the house-led mufti day. Mr Arjuna Stoevelaar (Eucalypt Head of House) and Mr Damain Bailey (Waratah Head of House), did a magnificent job at leading the Secondary school for a day full of Olympic excitement and joy. A big congratulations to the house leaders and all of Waratah and Eucalypt for hosting such a wonderful day. We are all looking forward to the next mufti day which will be lead by Wattle and Jacaranda in Term 4.

As we continue to sharpen our day-to-day routines, we must remember to be grateful for the return of these day-to-day practices; the last 18 months have taught us how precious these opportunities for connection are.

Janine Haymes | Interim Deputy Head Secondary, Head of English and French