AISHK Students Welcome Back Siobhan Haughey

Our AISHK swimming team students were very lucky to participate in the ‘Welcome Back Siobhan Haughey’ event organised by Arena Hong Kong on Friday 20¬†August. Siobhan won two Silver medals (100m and 200m Freestyle) at the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

It was a great moment for our swimmers who got to hear about her Olympics experience. Our students also had the chance to ask her some questions and they even got to see and touch her Silver medals! We can only imagine how heavy the medals were!

We are very thankful to Siobhan who shared lots of inspiring messages through this event. For example, she shared the advice that swimmers need to manage their time, particularly between between training, academics and social time.

This event was very meaningful for our swimmers, and it was also inspiring for me as Head Coach.







Eric Yeung | Aquatic and Swim Program Manager