[AISHK PA] September Father’s Day Event! Prize from Ferarri & Photo Submission



2021 Fathers
’ Day in September

Dear AISHK Dads,

Following the success of the Fathers’ Day event held on the June date, the AISHK Parent Association has arranged a September Fathers’ Day evening, based on the date as is traditionally celebrated in Australia and New Zealand.

The event is open to all AISHK Parent and Staff Dads – treat yourself to a relaxing night in Kennedy Town!

Father’s Day is a great chance to catch up with other AISHK dads, or if you are new to the community, to make some new parent connections.

Date: Thursday 2 September, 6pm – 10pm
$450 per person for Nibbles to Share  | Main Meal Choice | Two Drinks
Grain, New Fortune House, 3-5 New Praya, Kennedy Town, 6 min walk from Kennedy Town MTR Exit C

Register Today!
Register and pay HERE via Eventbrite to attend this evening event. A booking fee applies. 50 tickets are available for this event. Please indicate your vaccination status as the venue requires this information for admission to the event. Health and Safety measures will be in place as required at the time of the event.

Be in it to win it!
Thank you to Jason Lam of JL Finance for sponsoring this event with some fantastic door prizes,
including an experience prize from Ferrari – Blackbird Automotive’s “Drivers’ Club” is a state- of-the-art lounge dedicated to the art of racing. With a professional racing simulator featuring a 190degree field of view similar to units used by Formula 1 teams worldwide, services include motorsport and race simulation training, or those looking for a thrilling, immersive drive at true to life circuit maps around the world.

More Prizes and Details Coming Soon!

All AISHK Dads are Welcome to Submit a Photo for Our Father’s Day Video!😊
The AISHK Development Office is again producing a video to celebrate! If you missed out last time or would like to share a photo again, we’re accepting submissions of AISHK students with their fathers (it could also be grandfathers, or any father-like figures in your family). These photos will then be included in a photo montage video. Please share your photos via this form by no later than Monday 30 August. If you have any queries or concerns, please email Marketing Communications Coordinator jen_ng@aishk.edu.hk.

Please email aishkpa@aishk.edu.hk should you have any queries about PA activities.

Best wishes,

AISHK Parent Association