Year 3 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 2

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the first newsletter for Term 3. It promises to be another jam-packed term. We have had a fantastic start to Term 3 after what I hope was a restful school break for all. This term we welcome Mr John van Gaalen to AISHK as our new PE teacher and Ms Indica Herbert who will be providing support through the LEC.

Below is a quick recap of our learning this term and some discussion ideas of how you can support your child.


This term in Mathematics we have been focusing on measurement. In particular, students have been looking at length, capacity and mass. We have been busy using metre rulers, measuring scales and measuring jugs/cylinders with the water troughs. Sometimes we have found it tricky to measure distances using only a one metre ruler, but we have learnt a helpful trick where we can use our finger as a marker so that we can move the metre ruler along. This week we have also looked at ordering different measurements from shortest to longest, lightest to heaviest or the smallest amount of liquid to the largest amount of liquid. We have then made comparisons between two different objects and their measurements.

Bringing School to Home

  • If you’re cooking at home, ask your child to help measure the ingredients that are needed using the scales. If you have a tape measure, metre ruler or 30cm ruler at home, ask your child to also measure a variety of objects around the house!


This term in English the students will be working towards composing a text that reflects the perspective of another character. The students will make personal connections with characters of diverse backgrounds. They will think about and discuss different characters’ feelings and experiences and compare them with their own.

In Grammar and Punctuation, students have been learning to identify and use different language features. We have looked at and discussed alliteration and the way it is used to add impact and rhythm to texts and we have written our own menus using alliteration. We are now learning to identify and use similes and metaphors. We will learn about comparing two things using similes, discuss common similes we have heard before and write our own comparing colours and objects. We will also learn how to change similes to metaphors and what is the difference between the two.

Bringing School to Home

  • Ask your child to describe the characters and events in the books they are reading and compare whether they have the same or different experiences and feelings.
  • When at home ask your child to look out for alliteration, similes and metaphors in the text they are reading.


We have kicked off the new Science Unit on heat with great enthusiasm. Firstly, students had to estimate and race to have their ice block melt in as short a time as possible, without the use of technology. Some amazing thinking as students sought the sun, metal railings, armpits and their hands to try and melt in as short a time as possible. This week, they are starting to learn why some of these strategies worked, and why some of them did not. Using our apprentice chef Pierre, we are looking at what heat is and how we can measure it. It promises to be a really exciting term  in Science!

Bringing School to Home

  • Ask your child to go around and list the items in the home that produce heat, and items that produce cold. The kitchen is a terrific place to get started!

Peer Support

There was great excitement on Wednesday as we commenced our Primary Peer Support sessions. Each of the vertical groupings is made up of students from Prep to Year 5 and is led by the Year 6 students. The AISHK school motto ‘Connect, Strive, Flourish’ will underpin the six-week program and form the basis of the discussions and activities each week. The purpose of the initial session was for the students in each group to get to know each other and make some initial connections. The Year 6 students organised games and activities around the students’ names, interests and common connections. To end the session, there was a specific focus on the ‘connect’ component of the school motto with students asking what the term means to them personally and how they connect with each other and the school.

Connecting at AISHK Word Cloud

Year 3 Sport

For Year 3 Sport, we have begun a rotation of 4 new games. The activities have been selected to help support the Net and Wall games unit the students will be doing in PE. The first four week rotation includes:

  • Rebound Ball and Wall Tennis
  • Handball
  • 2-Square Bounce and No-go
  • Kickball


Year 3 are excited to go to camp in Term 4 (Week 2). This camp will run in a similar way to the day camps in 2020. On Thursday 12 August, we will be holding an information session for the Year 3 and Year 4 camps. This will run from 8:30 – 9:30 in the Auditorium, all parents welcome to attend. In this session, Dragon Fly will provide information about the organisation of camp and what to expect. There will also be time for you to ask any questions you may still have at the end of the session. No RSVP for this session is required, however, you will be asked to sign in on arrival as a record of attendance.


Starting next week (Week 3) the students will be given homework every Monday. It should be returned to school every Friday. Please note, the children are expected to read every night as well as complete the homework sheet.

Library News from Ms Atkins

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to the 188 students who have completed their Premier’s Reading Challenge so far; a great achievement!

Due to the Sydney Lockdown, the closing date for the PRC has been extended to Friday September 3, 2021 (Week 7). We’d love to see a record number of students complete the Challenge this year. Login and password details along with instructions were emailed out in March from the Library email. If you are unable to locate the details, please contact your child’s class teacher or the Library Team for assistance.

Book Week (Week 6)

This year the theme is ‘Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds’.  On Friday 27 August, students (Reception-Year 12) and staff are invited to dress up in the theme or as their favourite book character. We will send further details about our planned celebrations closer to the date.

Book Week Photo Submissions (Reception-Year 6)

What worlds did you visit in your books this summer? Old Worlds, New Worlds or Other Worlds? It is time to collect some photos of students reading for our annual Book Week display/slideshow. Keeping the Book Week theme in mind ‘Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds’, please take a photo of your child reading at home or somewhere in Hong Kong.

Please share your photos via this Google Form by Friday 13 August (Week 4): Book Week Submission

Important dates to remember for Term 3

  • Camp Information Session: Thursday 12 August
  • Staff day (no classes for students): Friday 20 August
  • Book Week: Week 6
  • Student Led Conferences: Friday 3 September
  • Mid-Autumn Festival Public Holiday: Wednesday 22 September
  • Last day of Term 3: Friday 24 September

Have a wonderful weekend.

Year 3 Team

Rachel Collins (Head of Year 3), Kate Elliott, Jennifer Harbottle, Nyssa Tong

Primary Office: