Year 2 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 2

Dear Year 2 Parents,

We have had a great start to our Term 3 learning. Here is an overview of what has been happening in Year 2.


This term we are learning about informative texts in both reading and writing. Students have begun looking at key features found in informational texts and making connections about how they differ from narratives. Key features include a table of contents, diagrams, bold print, headings, sub-headings, index and glossary.

Throughout the term, we will work towards writing informative texts on various topics, with both scaffolded and independent opportunities. Students will complete their unit with a research project on an animal, linked to their Geography studies.


We have spent the first two weeks revising our addition strategies from Semester 1, which includes using an empty number line, the split strategy, word problems and applying knowledge of known number facts to help recall more challenging number facts. For example, if I know 4 +4 = 8 then I can apply this to know 40 + 40 = 80.

We also measured various items using centimetres and practised using comparative language such as short, shorter, shortest and long, longer, longest.

We’ve looked again at adding numbers using an open number line strategy.

You may wish to ask your child to demonstrate how to add 25 and 34 on an empty number line.

  1. Start with the larger number
  2. Write question on the left-hand end of the open number line
  3. When adding the 2nd 2 digit number, add the tens first… they may choose to add 2 lots of ten rather than twenty.


As we start our Geography unit for this term, students have very excitedly been exploring the globe through an Atlas, Google Maps and the internet. This term, we are learning about how the world is physically organised into hemispheres, continents and how they are joined by the world’s oceans. We will be looking at how people are connected to the different places that they live in. To support their learning, you may wish to discuss with them where you have travelled around the world and show them on a map, discussing the kinds of things that you can do in different parts of the world.

Next week, we would love to invite parents who are pilots to come and speak to the classes about their travels, how to navigate and use maps and some of the differences between the continents. If you are free, please let your class teacher know.

Parent Helper Opportunity

 This semester, we are looking forward to inviting parent helpers back into school. Teachers will make contact with parents as opportunities arise to help with incursions and special events. Should you be interested in helping, please fill out the linked form below to indicate your availability. We ask that all parent helpers are fully vaccinated, with fourteen days elapsed since their second vaccination, before coming into class. For parents who have previously sent through vaccination records, this information has not been retained and will need to be resubmitted. So that parents can help in school on an ongoing basis, we will retain your vaccination records for the rest of the year.

Should we receive a large number of responses, we will do our best to involve as many parent volunteers as we can.

We appreciate your understanding as AISHK continues to strive towards maintaining a safe school environment. We are sure that students will be very excited to have parents in class. You can register your interest here.

Library News from Ms Atkins

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to the 188 students who have completed their Premier’s Reading Challenge so far; a great achievement!

Due to the Sydney Lockdown, the closing date for the PRC has been extended to Friday September 3, 2021 (Week 7). We’d love to see a record number of students complete the Challenge this year. Login and password details along with instructions were emailed out in March from the Library email. If you are unable to locate the details, please contact your child’s class teacher or the Library Team for assistance.

Book Week (Week 6)

This year the theme is ‘Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds’.  On Friday 27 August, students (Reception-Year 12) and staff are invited to dress up in the theme or as their favourite book character. We will send further details about our planned celebrations closer to the date.

Book Week Photo Submissions (Reception-Year 6)

What worlds did you visit in your books this summer? Old Worlds, New Worlds or Other Worlds? It is time to collect some photos of students reading for our annual Book Week display/slideshow. Keeping the Book Week theme in mind ‘Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds’, please take a photo of your child reading at home or somewhere in Hong Kong.

Please share your photos via this Google Form by Friday 13 August (Week 4): Book Week Submission

Peer Support Takes Off

There was great excitement (and a touch of nervousness!) on Wednesday as we commenced our Primary Peer Support sessions. After completing their initial training for the program late last term, the Year 6 Peer Support Leaders (PSL) worked so incredibly hard in preparing for their first meeting with their group.

Each of the vertical groupings is made up of students from Prep to Year 5 and is led by the Year 6 PSL, meaning students work in groups of seven or eight in different classrooms across the school. The AISHK school motto ‘Connect, Strive, Flourish’ will underpin the six-week program and form the basis of the discussions and activities each week. The purpose of the initial session was for the students in each group to get to know each other and make some initial connections.

Connecting at AISHK Word Cloud

Best wishes,

Year 2 Team

Melissa Brown (Head of Year 2), Joshua Aghion, Andrew Bennett, Rebecca Lachmund

Primary Office: