Reception Newsletter | Term 3 Week 2

Hello Reception Families,

Welcome to Term 3. It has been fabulous to see everyone again! We have heard great stories of holiday adventures and fun. Thank you for sending in some photos for us to share. Students have been enjoying telling one another all about their adventures as they’ve looked through their photos. 

A special welcome to our new Reception friends and their families: Alex, Claire, Ethan, Maddy, Miko, Nathan, Phoebus, Quinn, and Rose. We’ve enjoyed getting to know you all over the past fortnight and we are looking forward to learning with you! Our established Reception friends have embraced the opportunity to be a ‘buddy’ to our new friends and have shared their knowledge about our class. This peer-to-peer learning and sharing has been a beneficial learning experience as students develop their confidence and become leaders in our space.

We’ve been revisiting our routines and rhythms as we settle back into school life. Songs and rhymes play a big part in our learning. Over the past fortnight we have used music and movement to practise listening to and following instructions and to signal our transitions between activities in our session. Students enjoy songs that include an element of challenge, having to quickly change the action they are doing or freeze their bodies. This leads us into playing games, such as ‘Simon Says’, which help us to listen carefully!

Our social learning has involved revisiting and consolidating our learning from last term as we have been remembering how to invite others into an established play experience or how to ask someone if we can play with them. To support this learning we have a number of ‘play worlds’ set up in our classroom that have focused on a social situation, such as the dolls house accompanied by many furniture and character opportunities or the train set with many buildings and architect panels so that students can create their own communities. In these spaces students are playing imaginatively and acting out social roles. By the social nature of the experience, students are drawn to working with and alongside one another. This provides a provocation to play with others where students’ social learning is developed and enhanced.

This term we will also be focusing on how we learn about the world around us. We will explore how each of our five senses helps us to become aware of the world around us and to understand it. Over the past week we have begun to explore our sense of touch. We’ve had lots of great conversations about nerves and the messages they send to our brains. To begin our investigation we have been finger painting and exploring sensory experiences. Throughout this work we are looking forward to supporting students to develop their expressive language skills. We have been adding words to our vocabulary that help us to describe the things we are feeling. Are they sticky, smooth, warm, squishy, fluffy, rough? We will continue this learning with further sensory experiences, including weaving, next week. We know that students’ learning is enhanced when their senses are engaged; I’m looking forward to the learning that we are going to be involved in this term!

“The senses, being the explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge.” – Maria Montessori

Parent Helper Opportunity

This semester, we are looking forward to inviting parent helpers back into class. I will make contact with parents as opportunities arise to come in and play, or help out with experiences such as reading. Should you be interested in helping in class, please fill out the linked form below to indicate your availability. We ask that all parent helpers are fully vaccinated, with fourteen days elapsed since their second vaccination, before coming into class. For parents who have previously sent through vaccination records, this information has not been retained and will need to be resubmitted. So that parents can help in the classroom on an ongoing basis, we will retain your vaccination records for the rest of the year.  Should we receive a large number of responses, we will do our best to involve as many parent volunteers as we can. 

We appreciate your understanding as AISHK continues to strive towards maintaining a safe school environment. We are sure that students will be very excited to have parents in class. You can register your interest here.

That’s all for now. It’s been a great start to the term and second semester. I’m looking forward to encouraging our students as they continue to learn and grow over the coming weeks!

Lauren Rosanowski (Reception AM/ Reception PM)

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