Prep Newsletter | Term 3 Week 2

Our Prep students are really enjoying being back on campus after their holidays. They have all grown a few centimetres, at least!


This term we are continuing to explore quality literature in the form of children’s picture books, including those shortlisted for Early Childhood CBCA Picture Books. We are learning to identify if we like or dislike different texts and give our reasoning. We are also continuing to develop our skills for identifying the characters, setting and events in the beginning, middle and ending of narratives. Children need many opportunities to orally express their likes and dislikes and retell stories. You can support your child by helping them retell stories you share with them and sharing your own reasons for liking or disliking a shared text.

Ask your child which book read at school this term has been their favourite.


Our phonics focus for the first half of the term are the phonemes ff, ss, ll, zz. We are learning that sometimes we use two letters to represent one sound. When we combine this knowledge with our other phoneme knowledge, we can read and spell a range of 3, 4 and even 5 letter words correctly.

Ask your child if they notice any words with these double letters in their environment. Have them practise sounding them out loud.


We are having a big focus on consolidating our number understanding including our flexibility with counting forward and backwards to/from 20 and beyond, identifying numbers in digit and word form and recognising small collections of objects instantly. You can help your child by giving them opportunities to practise counting forwards and backwards at home. Encourage them to start at a different number than 1 and count on or back from your nominated number to help them build fluency with this vital skill.

Parent Helper Opportunity

This semester, we are looking forward to inviting parent helpers back into class. Teachers will make contact with parents as opportunities arise to help with activities such as reading and small group work. Should you be interested in helping in class, please fill out the linked form below to indicate your availability. We ask that all parent helpers are fully vaccinated, with fourteen days elapsed since their second vaccination, before coming into class. For parents who have previously sent through vaccination records, this information has not been retained and will need to be resubmitted. So that parents can help in the classroom on an ongoing basis, we will retain your vaccination records for the rest of the year.

Should we receive a large number of responses, we will do our best to involve as many parent volunteers as we can.

We appreciate your understanding as AISHK continues to strive towards maintaining a safe school environment. We are sure that students will be very excited to have parents in class. You can register your interest here.

Peer Support

I hope your child/ren shared their first Peer Support session excitement with you. Our Peer Support program runs weeks 2-7. 

The program is a great opportunity for students across year levels to connect with others and strengthen the important relationships which make AISHK unique. The program also provides a wonderful chance for our most senior Primary students to develop their leadership capacity.

The theme for the program this year is ‘Moving Forward’ which focuses on the ways in which we can maintain hope and look forward to the future with optimism. Students are exploring what our school motto of Connect, Strive, Flourish. 

Sessions will be conducted each Wednesday from 10.30am to 11.10am and will involve students from Prep to Year Six in vertical house groups. The sessions will be run by our Year Six students, with each student responsible for a group of around seven students. Teachers support the leaders as required.

Ask your child if they remember any of the names of their Peer Support friends. 

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Prep Team

Erin Torres (Head of Prep), Renee Bauer, Kate Jackson, Vanessa Perry

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